The Fish Sniffer - Bass Fishing Great Before Cold Snap
Bass Fishing Great Before Cold Snap

Written By: Dan Bacher, December 20, 2013
Species: Saltwater Stripers shark Saltwater Sturgeon
Location: San Francisco Bay, San Pablo Bay,

Gordon Hough, Captain of the Morning Star, reported excellent striped bass and leopard shark fishing on his latest three trips in San Pablo Bay before the cold snap.

"No sooner did we have the lines out when Norm Perry was hooked up with a nice bass, and another, and another,” Hough stated. “We probably could have limited on bass had we stuck it out near the channel with our bullhead baits, but with $80 worth of shrimp in the cooler and the tide going out it was time for some sturgeon!

“After a long rough day, the final tally for 8 anglers was; 14 bass, 6 leopard sharks, 1 shaker sturgeon and many, many other toothy denizens of the deep,” said Hough.

Two days later, armed with bullheads, grass shrimp and no shortage of turkey sandwiches, the anglers aboard the Morning Star headed west to the deep water channel areas of San Pablo Bay with better than average tides and beautiful flat calm weather.

"By high tide we had the 28 bass we needed for limits, along with 7 leopard sharks," he said. "We headed north towards Sonoma Creek for sturgeon. We watched sturgeon jumping, but none made it aboard.”

“Bottom line; Approximately 5000 bass (4972 were released), 7 leopard sharks, 2 sevengill sharks and tons of everything else west of the Pecos that likes shrimp,” he quipped.

On the following day, the boat fished the deep waters just north of buoy 7. “Though not limit fishing, we still managed more than 20 bass and 6 leopard sharks on the incoming tide,” he tipped.

"Though we did manage a few more bass and lots of sharks and rays, we only managed to land one undersize sturgeon for our efforts. Bottom line; 26 bass, seven leopard sharks and a cornucopia of the usual cast of characters," Hough stated.

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