The Fish Sniffer - Big Bass Limits On Tap
Big Bass Limits On Tap

Written By: Dan Bacher, March 17, 2014
Species: Bass
Location: Clear Lake,

Hefty largemouth bass limits continue to be the reward for experienced anglers fishing Clear Lake.

“Mike Sperbeck and I decided to see if we could repeat the 30 lb limit thing our previous trip - and we did – barely,” said Larry Henphill, fishing guide. “Actually, our trip last week was better than I reported. I thought I heard him say my big fish was 7.36 lbs, but she was actually 8.36 lbs. That gave us a 34 lb 6 oz limit.”

“We started yesterday afternoon and actually caught 5 nice ones before dark, up to 5-1/2 lbs. After dark, Mike put on a show - hooking bass after bass, including an 8.12 and 7.76. He made up for his earlier bad trips. That's right - he caught 12 and I caught 4,” said Hemphill.

“I was pleased that some of the new places I wanted to try worked for him - HE caught all the good fish,” noted Hemphill. “Well - that must be the "guide" in me!! So, 30 lb 3oz for our best five, on a beautiful, windless night.”

Again, most of their bass were in the top 15 feet of water, while one or two maybe 20 feet. The effective baits were jigs with various trailers.

“I tried Senkos and deep crankbaits – nada,” he noted. “All of our bass were on or next to some type of major ledge or dropoff.”

The water temperature was 50-52 degrees and the water clarity was 2 to 4 foot visibility. 


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