The Fish Sniffer - Big Bass On The Prowl
Big Bass On The Prowl

Written By: Danny Lloyd, March 23, 2014
Species: Bass Trout
Location: Folsom Lake,

The long time overdue rain has finally hit Folsom and surrounding areas managed to bring the lake level up over 10 feet in a matter of days. Fishing will continue to improve over the next few weeks into the spring months.

Trout and landlocked salmon fishing has been good to very good this past week with one fisherman catching two limits of nice rainbows to 18 inches and managing 4 nice kings up to 4 pounds and 22 1/2 inches. Lures to use should include wiggle hoochies in a white pattern as well as top lining a nightcrawler behind a Sep's Sidekick Dodger. Favorited patterns include watermelon and white.

This past week Brendan Bullard heard about the release of thousands of pounds of sub-catchable Eagle Lake Trout (ELT's) and had to try his luck near the boat launch.

Brendan stated, "with this many smaller rainbows being planted and water so low, you got to expect some big bass to be prowling the area is search of a nice meal," reports Bullard. Brendan was rewarded with this great idea and landed his biggest bass to date coming in unofficially at 8.21 pounds. He caught this behemoth on a rainbow trout pattern swim bait. Prior to this fish he had yet to catch a fish on this lure!

Black bass fishing during these winter months tends to slow down, but with recent plants of trout and lake levels rising don't be surprised if fishing for bass steadies and improves this next month or so.

Water levels at press time show the lake is now holding 36 percent of its capacity and 396.19 thats an 11.23 foot change in water level in less than two weeks. This is 63 percent of average for the lake. 


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