The Fish Sniffer - Big, Bright Chinooks Arrive In River
Big, Bright Chinooks Arrive In River

Written By: Dan Bacher, December 5, 2013
Species: River Salmon
Location: Smith River, Chetco River,

After a long period of low water conditions, the rain arrived and anglers were able to hook the big, beautiful king salmon that the Smith River is famous for once the leaves and other debris washed down river.

“The fishing isn’t red hot, but it’s not bad either,” said Phil Desautels of Phil’s Smiling Salmon Guide Service. “The first two days after the rain came the leaves prevented us from being able to fish. However, water level dropped on Thursday, November 21 and anglers found pretty good salmon fishing from the Forks to Rowdy Creek. The fish ranged from jacks to 50 pounds.”

Jared Alvarez landed a 23 lb. king and Gavin Teater of Oroville landed a 29 lb. fish on Thursday while back bouncing eggs and Fish Pills with Desautels. Both fish were bright fish right out of the ocean.

On Friday, Ray McLenatho of Klamath Falls, Oregon caught and released a 15 lb. Chinook first thing in the morning on a trip with Desautels. Then around 1 pm he landed a 20 lb. bright king with sea lice at Douglas Park.

“The crowds were light on the Smith, since many guides and anglers went up to the Chetco River, which became fishable for the first day after the storms,” noted Desautels.

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