The Fish Sniffer - Big Trout Time At Lake Amador
Big Trout Time At Lake Amador

Written By: Danny Lloyd, February 7, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Lake Amador,

It's big fish time at Lake Amador, as evidenced by the large trout weighed in at the store recently.

With fish up to 16.24 pounds being caught within the last month, now is the time to catch that huge winter trout Amador is known for! Along with the trout there have been some monster crappie being caught by trout anglers. Just last week a trout fisherman trolling a Rapala was rewarded with a monster 3 pound crappie near the Jackson Creek arm.

On a recent trip, friend Brendan Bullard from Newcastle, Ca and I made a late afternoon trip out to Lake Amador to see if we couldn't entice one of these 5+ pound trout to our lures.

After getting some work done in the morning, I met up with Brendan at his house in Newcastle around noon and we loaded up the boat and headed towards Ione. I had never fished this lake, so Brendan was in charge and luckily growing up on the lake he knew his way around. He mostly fished from shore, but had a decent idea where he has seen people have luck throughout the lake.

We arrived at the lake around 2pm and after talking with the very friendly staff we were on our way to launch the boat. Due to low water conditions, the ramp was completely out of the water and water was quite a ways down. The staff at Amador had an employee with a giant front loader working non stop improving the launch for all guests!

Once he noticed us he was out of our way and also instructed where the best part to launch was. Although this may seem minimal with our 13' Gregor, fisherman with larger more expensive boats would be very thankful for this advice.

Once on the water we got set up to top line 3 rods 150 feet to 250 feet behind the boat. We started off with a few smaller lures and Brendan's go to f-7 jointed fire tiger Rapala. With the Rapala in the center of the boat, I let back a 1/8 oz jig tipped with a 2 inch Berkely Grub in a shad pattern.

On the opposite side I let back a 1/8 oz Kastmaster in a silver/blue pattern. No more than 15 minutes later we had our first hookup on the Kastmaster and after a few good runs he was off!

We never did see the fish, but after landing a few later he felt to be of similar size in the 2 to 3 pound class. Since I am a fisherman I am going to assume he was over 10 pounds, the one that got away.

As we got up towards the narrows we decided to turn around and hit the area where we got the first hard hit. I switched up a few lures and sure enough in the same spot we got another hit no more than 20 minutes later. After a nice 5 min battle from Brendan we had this one in the boat and the fish was a beautiful 17 inch fish with some amazing coloring!

We trolled the whole lake until sundown and managed a total of 4 strikes and were able to land 3 of them to 18 inches and 2-1/2 pounds. We caught each fish on a different lure and didn't notice any color pattern. We did notice they were hitting all of the smaller presentations at the time. Recommended lures includes smaller grubs in the shad, brown, or orange patterns.

Another go to on the lake is an Uncle Larry's spinner with a chartreuse blade. We even caught one of our fish on an UL Spinner with PowerBait on the hook. I had never trolled PowerBait, but one experienced angler for the lake recommended it and I am sure glad I listened.

Lake Amador has just recently boosted up their daily trout stocking from 500 pounds per day to 1000 pounds Monday-Friday ,5 days a week! This past week they were able to plant a whopping 5500 pounds of quality catchable trout into the lake. They hope to continue this for the next few weeks as they attempt to reduce the densities in their fish farm.

Some could even compare this to fishing out of a barrel, so if you have yet to experience Lake Amador or haven't been in awhile now is the time to come, and chances are you will be rewarded with some great fishing as well as a chance to catch that trout of a lifetime! Also as a incentive for their fishing derby, a 17 pound tagged trout was just released and is swimming around waiting to be caught.

Lake Amador currently has 30 percent of water left and is down 55 feet on the shore. Don't forget this lake not only provides great trout fishing, but they also have some outstanding catfish, crappie, and bass throughout the lake. They have great camping facilities as well as a disc-golf course on site.

Fishing on the lake is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For more information, feel free to give them a call at (209) 274-4739 or check em out at

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