The Fish Sniffer - Boaters Nail Quality Bass And Kokanee
Boaters Nail Quality Bass And Kokanee

Written By: Dan Bacher, August 3, 2014
Species: Bass Kokanee
Location: Berryessa Reservoir,

(Winters) The main ramp at Markley Cove at Lake Berryessa is now out of the water, so plan on a little more time to launch, according to Larry Hemphill, fishing guide. The low water ramp is very good, although little steep

Hemphill reported tough fishing on a guided trip with adult father-son duo for their first Berryessa experience.  

“I didn't expect to bite to be real good - mostly because of the recent very cool summer weather, nippy in the mornings,” he quipped. “And - it wasn't real good. We hooked two quality bass, however. The dad broke one off - I saw a glimpse of her - 4 or 5 lbs I think. We fished the narrows early in the morning with no results.

“We went out to the main body and I decided to fish them near the shoreline weedbeds. Finally dad landed a 14-15 inch smallie along with a smaller one, using an Aaron's Magic 6" Robo worm,” said Hemphill.

Troy Barr of T-Roy’s Guide Service reported landing 6 quality kokanee along with 4 smaller ones for limits on a trolling adventure on Thursday, July 24. The anglers used Uncle Larry’s spinners, Apex lures, and Rocky Mountain Tackle squids, tipped with Fire Corn, behind a RMT dodger on P-Line on a Phenix rod.

The elevation of the spillway (Glory Hole) at Monticello Dam is 440 feet msl. The water is now 31.64 feet below the top of the spillway at 408.36 feet.      

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