The Fish Sniffer - Bureau of Reclamation Raises Flows To 950 Cfs
Bureau of Reclamation Raises Flows To 950 Cfs

Written By: Dan Bacher, May 25, 2014
Species: Shad
Location: American River - Lower,

The Bureau of Reclamation increased releases from Nimbus Dam into the American River from 950 to 1350 cfs on May 16, but the shad fishing remains spotty.

The releases were increased for “Delta requirements,” said Randi Field of the Bureau. That change was made after Reclamation increased releases from 800 cfs to 950 cfs on Thursday, May 8,

“Current forecasts for the American River are expecting flows above 800 cfs to continue through the summer,” said Field. 

Please see the latest operations outlook: under "Operations Analysis and Accounting" - "Water Ops Summary" for more details.  “This information will also be updated in mid-May with the latest hydrology data,” noted Field.

Reclamation released fish pulse flows, designed to get juvenile salmon downriver, from Nimbus Dam from April 21 through April 25.  

Alan Fong at Fishermen’s Warehouse reported that his brother landed 15 small male shad on a fly rod on his latest trip to the American.

Anglers are using 1/32-ounce shad darts or pink grubs, teamed up with small split shot, to entice the scrappy members of the herring family. The shad are spread throughout the system from Nimbus Dam to the river mouth at Discovery Park.



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