The Fish Sniffer - Cabo Anglers Chase Scattered Marlin
Cabo Anglers Chase Scattered Marlin

Written By: FishSniffer Staff, July 11, 2014
Species: Dorado Tuna Marlin
Location: Baja California,

The weather has been really good but very hot over the past week and I think there is a little disturbance down south of us but really not much chance of forming into something,” disclosed Captain Jerry Chapman of JC Sportfishing. “It has been really hot though so if you are coming to Cabo you better brace for the heat and bring your sun screen. Highs close to the 100’s. There was quite a change in water temperatures like from Cabo up the pacific side its all water from 71 to 72 up to 76 and then from Cabo towards San Jose a huge change in temperatures 80 to 86 even up in the Sea of Cortez..”

“Marlin fishing has been all over the place this past week the fish have moved down from the pacific due to cold green water up there. When the warm water turns green and moves into the warm blue water there is a change and it creates a high chlorophyll count and it depletes the oxygen which in turn causes the fish to have no interest in biting and go on the move to find the proper water they like. The fishing has been good from the 95 spot to Sierra Colorado and most marlin are being caught on live bait and ballyhoo. We do have some good news there have been reports of some big Blue Marlin being caught in the 250lb to 300lb range. This might be the beginning of our blue and black marlin season and we are looking forward to this summer and some good fishing,” said Chapman.

“The tuna bite has been off and on with some tuna being caught outside of the St Jamie Banks near porpoise schools and being landed on cedar plugs and king busters. This all happened at the beginning of the week and we expected it to continue but then the green water moved into that area and the bite changed for the worse, just some blind strikes wee reported after that closer inshore off of the beach trolling cedar plugs.,” Chapman disclosed.

The dorado bite has picked up a bit with actually some bigger Dorados being caught this past week. The action seems to be around Chileno Bay and Sierra Colorado with most fish caught on lures and are a lot nicer and bigger in size at the 15lb to 25lb range this week. The inshore fishing has been just ok from Chileno Bay up to the Light House there has been a few roosters but not many. A few dorado and striped marlin and also some jack crevalle and skip jack but it isn't anything great.,” said Chapman.


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