The Fish Sniffer - Cabo Marlin Action Rated As “Fair”
Cabo Marlin Action Rated As “Fair”

Written By: FishSniffer Staff, May 11, 2014
Species: Billfish Dorado Wahoo Tuna
Location: Baja California,

“Spring break and Easter are over with for another year. Town has died down a bit but it is a great time to come to Cabo. The weather is great and ocean water is nice also for so many activities. Stop by my office, as I am there about everyday and check out how the fishing is and I will let you know what has been biting or hasn't,” related Captain Jerry Chapman of JC Sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas.

“The wind has finally died down and we are seeing better conditions with calmer seas which should start to bring the fish back into the area. The day time highs have been in the ladder 80,s to low 90,s and lows in the low 60,s to mid 60,s giving us some very nice conditions. It is really warming up fast though as it feels like we really never had a winter here this year. It has been warm and nice most of the year with a few cool nights in January and February but that's about it. In terms of water conditions, we’ve had mostly calmer seas with waves 2 to 4 feet on the pacific and 1 to 3 feet on the Sea of Cortez side with water temperatures cooling off and sporadic. The water temperature is really all over the place from mid 60’sto mid 70’s but is hasn't been consistent anywhere really,” said Chapman.

“The marlin fishing has just been ok with nothing off the charts happening. It seem the fish are starting to move back up from Gordo Banks and up our way again. Since the wind has died down we are seeing more marlin but they are slow to bite and take bait and I think there thinking of girls and not food as this is the time for spawning. We are seeing 10 to15 marlin a day, most of the fish are around the 95 spot and all the way up to the Light House. A lot of the fish are really tight to the beach and it has been tough getting them to bite. They seem to be chasing the lures and not striking and don't seem to have much interest in live bait either. It seems they have other things on their minds. The fish we have caught,” disclosed Chapman.

“The dorado fishing is just ok with some boats averaging 2 to 3 fish per day but good size fish with some going to 40lbs and 90% of the dorado caught are landed by slow trolling ballyhoo and most fish aren't taking live bait or lures. The fish are about a half mile offshore from Solmar beach to Magrino.”

“Inshore we are catching some good size Sierras but the inshore fishing isn't off the charts either this past week. The big Sierras were taken on ballyhoo 
There has been some jack cravell, bonitos and small rooster fish taken off of the Light House. The yellowtail bite has kind of shut down due to warmer water in the area. It never really happened this year as far as yellowtail are concerned,” said Chapman.


Good Things And Bad Things For La Paz Anglers

“There were good and there were bad things about this past week of fishing.  Let’s start with the bad,” laughed Jonathan Roldan of Tailhunter International in La Paz.

“There were some really windy days. Some cooler water temps. But those things are to be expected this time of year when things are in transition between the warm and colder seasons. Still, it didn’t always make for the best fishing conditions nor, did it help with getting bait. Basically, it’s almost like a chart…the higher the wind, the poorer the fishing. The lower the wind, the better the fishing. Overall, I’d give this week a so-so rating in terms of fishing. It’s been worse.  But, normally, it’s a whole lot better.”

“Now let’s focus on some of the positives. wahoo made a nice surprising reappearance this week. Around the north and sound end of Cerralvo Island, the speedy skinnies were around and willing to eat slow trolled Rapalas and bait. Sizes ranged from pinky 15 pounders up to about 40 pounds,” exclaimed Roldan.

“Additionally, we had a really great week on the roosters for our Las Arenas anglers. I think just about everyone who really wanted to check “rooster fish” off the bucket list got at least one. I don’t have any photos this week because, with much appreciation, all the roosters were released!  But, there were some nice quality fish taken off the sandy beach areas with fish in the 20-45 pound size and some larger that were lost.”

“To the good stuff, add in a few marlin coming alive and taking some hits, but all of them coming off plus the dorado were still around although not in big numbers as previous weeks. I still consider the dorado to be our bread-and-butter fish at the moment. Both our Las Arenas and La Paz fleet had dorado as their predominant go-to fish. Some decent 20 pounders in the mix, but some larger fish lost to pilot error,” Roldan concluded.



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