The Fish Sniffer - Catfish And Spotted Bass Lead Late Summer Angling Parade
Catfish And Spotted Bass Lead Late Summer Angling Parade

Written By: Dan Bacher, September 3, 2014
Species: Bass Catfish Trout
Location: Collins Lake,

(Oregon House) “Summer fish, or fish that like the warm water are still biting good,” said Kathy Hess at the Colllins Lake Resort.

“Because the temperatures are still nearing high 90s or 100s most fishermen will not be able to venture out to fish for too long in that kind of heat,” said Hess. “Most people will swim or nap during the heat of the day then do some night fishing off the dock, with lantern in tow the evenings are beautiful and fishing is quite enjoyable during the evening hours.” 

Michael, Jase, and Mike Howard fished off the dock using chicken livers and hooked a healthy 5 lb. catfish. Harmony from Oroville fed her cat a hot dog and wouldn’t you know it - it took the bait!  Taryn from Elk Grove also caught a cat in the Open Area along the shoreline on PowerBait. 

“Elvis Aviles texted me about a trout he caught on a Rapala, trolling  just off the boat launch,” said Hess. “Bryssa, Bostan, and Boey Pina teamed up to land a catfish near the rental boat dock.”

Probhat Palma proudly caught 3 catfish and 2 spotted bass while using live crawdads or chicken livers.

The lake level is 40′ from full and the surface water temperature is 78 degrees. The water clarity is 8 feet of visibility.


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