The Fish Sniffer - Channel Catfish On Summer Prowl
Channel Catfish On Summer Prowl

Written By: Dan Bacher, July 20, 2014
Species: Catfish Bass
Location: Lake Oroville,

If you want to hook channel cats, it’s time to hit the warm waters of Lake Oroville.

“Boater are hooking catfish up to 8 pounds while fishing mackerel and stinkbaits in the Stringtown area,” said Jamie Sorensen of Oroville Outdoors. “The dam and boat ramp areas are also worth a try for cats.” 

The bass fishing is tough at the lake. “Anglers are catching some spotted bass in the 12 to 15 inch range while dragging tubes and tubes,” noted Sorensen. “Top water lures, including Zara Spooks, Pop-Rs and other poppers, are also worth a try early and late. The biggest fish in the latest turkey shoot went 15 inches.”

Fishing pressure for king salmon on Oroville is very light, with very few anglers reporting any success lately, reported Bob Boucke at Johnson’s Bait and Tackle In Yuba City. Anglers interested in hooking kings should troll with hoochies, tipped with anchovy strips, near the Green Bridge and the face of the dam.

Lake Oroville is holding 1,436,911 acre feet of water, 39 percent of capacity and 51 percent of capacity. The water level is 722.79 feet above sea level, 177.21 feet from maximum pool.


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