The Fish Sniffer - Chinook Bite Best Early In The Morning
Chinook Bite Best Early In The Morning

Written By: Cal Kellogg, June 14, 2014
Species: River Salmon
Location: Rogue River,

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife reported that this time of year spring Chinook fishing on the lower river is best during the early morning hours. Before heading out, anglers should check river flows, water temperatures, and tides as these are all important to catching spring Chinook.

There are few reports of steelhead in the lower river, but the conditions are right for summer steelhead to show up.

Anglers are picking up surfperch on many beaches and at the mouth of the Rogue River. Anglers should check the marine forecast before heading out.

Rain over the weekend significantly increased flows in the Rogue River, and may have moved a few more spring chinook into the middle Rogue around Grants Pass. Anglers are reporting some success fishing plugs or bait while anchored in travel lanes. The flow at Grants Pass was 3,480 cfs and the water temperature was 56 degrees as of press time.

On the upper Rogue anglers are catching spring chinook in the river from Shady Cove upstream to Cole Rivers Hatchery. Drift fishing and back bouncing with bait or drift bobbers are popular and productive techniques.



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