The Fish Sniffer - Clear Water Attracts Striped Bass To San Joaquin River
Clear Water Attracts Striped Bass To San Joaquin River

Written By: Roland Aspiras, April 18, 2014
Species: Stripers
Location: Sacramento River- Delta, San Joaquin Delta,

Late spring storms has slowed the action down in the area, forcing anglers to search clearer and warmer water for striped bass and sturgeon.

Anadromous species are on the move despite the recent arrival of cold temps and wet weather according to Craig Kamikawa, assistant manager at Fisherman's Warehouse.

"The stripers are out there, but one day they'll be in one spot and in another the next," he related. "There's still a good bite down in Sherman Island on bait, but a lot of the fish are shakers.”

Due to the muddy water, anglers in search of a plug bite were recommended to fish the San Joaquin by Alan Fong, manager.

"There was a good topwater bite off the rockwalls. A lot of the fish are in shallow water from five to eight feet. Work the flats and rockwalls," he tipped.

The plug bite in Cache Slough continues to be slow, however a few sturgeon were being caught in the area. Sturgeon also continued to be landed around the Mothball Fleet, though Kamikawa and Fong related to windy conditions and rough water. "Fish shallow out there," Kamikawa tipped.



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