The Fish Sniffer - Cold Mornings Makes For Light Crowds For Trout And Bass
Cold Mornings Makes For Light Crowds For Trout And Bass

Written By: Danny Lloyd, February 11, 2014
Species: Bass Trout
Location: Shasta Lake,

Cold mornings on Lake Shasta are discouraging most anglers from visiting the lake, but those that do make the effort to fish the lake are finding fair to good action on both trout and bass.

"My son Larry and I traveled up to Shasta last weekend," related Larry Sr. of Elk Grove. "We spent most our day trolling Kastmasters, Cripplures, and Rapalas. Over two days we were able to boat 19 trout to 18 inches. All of them came out of the Sacramento River Arm and they were all in the top 10 feet of water when they hit. We tried using our down riggers, but all of our fish kept coming off our two top lined lures"

Other trouters visiting the lake are finding similar results. The key to success is working the surface using shad imitating lures. The trout have been spread out, so it makes more sense to take the trolling approach and cover as much water as possible throughout the day.

The best bass action has been taking place on cloudy days, since the bass tend to move shallower when the light level is low. When the sky is clear and the sun is high the bass move to deeper water and are going to be more difficult to hook.

Both Senkos and finesse worms rigged on darter heads are taking fish at this time. The average bass at Shasta is running about 12 inches long. For a chance at some of those larger bass, try working steep shorelines withe 4 to 6 inch soft plastic swimbaits.

At press time the lake was holding 36 percent of capacity and 936.21 feet above sea level.

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