The Fish Sniffer - Cold Weather Drives Bass Into Deep Water
Cold Weather Drives Bass Into Deep Water

Written By: Roland Aspiras, December 5, 2013
Species: Bass Catfish Panfish
Location: Coyote Lake, Calero Reservoir,

Cold temperatures have pushed the majority of the bass into deeper water, where anglers working finese presentations are landing fish.

The top two lakes this week, according to Mickey Clements at Coyote Bait and Tackle, were Calero and Anderson, where jigs and drop shot rigs were the recommended tactics for bass.

"At Calero, you can try topwater baits early and late in the mornings, but working jigs and Carolina rigs are probably your best bet,” he disclosed. "At Anderson, you can try some reaction later in the day."

"At Coyote the fishing is ok at best with lots of little ones. Try throwing lipless crankbaits and drop shot rigs. You can try throwing a swimbait for a bigger fish if you have the patience,” he said.

Crappie and catfish were both on a hiatus at both Uvas and Chesbro, according to Clements.

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