The Fish Sniffer - Cooling Water Chills Bite, But Big Fish Continue To Show
Cooling Water Chills Bite, But Big Fish Continue To Show

Written By: Cal Kellogg, December 23, 2013
Species: Bass Stripers Sturgeon
Location: Sacramento River- Delta, San Joaquin Delta,

The water temperature is dropping fast in the West Delta and the dip has had a negative impact on both sturgeon and striper fishing. Yet anglers that make an investment in time are still catching some impressive fish.

“The fishing for both sturgeon and bass has slowed down now that the water temperature is in the low 50’s but we are still getting our opportunities,” related Captain David Hammond of Delta Pro Fishing. “On my last trip. We got five solid sturgeon bites, but my guys didn’t connect with the hook sets. On the previous trip we ended up landing 4 shaker sturgeon and three keeper stripers to 16 pounds.”

“The fish are spreading out now, so we aren’t finding the big concentrations of sturgeon and bass that we saw a month ago, but there are plenty of fish around. I’m going to start fishing in shallow water for both bass and sturgeon next week. You aren’t going to get those trophy fish sitting on the couch, so we’ve got to go out and find them. The shallows are going to feature the warmest water, so I figure we’ll find some pretty good fishing,” Hammond continued.

Despite the fact that Captain Jay Lopes of Right Hook Sportfishing had a keeper sturgeon on his last trip, he’s going to take off the rest of December.

“The temperature is dropping now and that’s going to shock the fish a bit. I’m going to wait things out and begin fishing again in January, once the fish have settled in a bit and are more used to the cold conditions,” related Lopes.

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