The Fish Sniffer - Crab, Sturgeon And Herring Targeted By Anglers
Crab, Sturgeon And Herring Targeted By Anglers

Written By: Cal Kellogg, February 23, 2014
Species: Sturgeon Saltwater Sturgeon Crabs
Location: San Francisco Bay, San Pablo Bay, Golden Gate,

There has been some excitement on the East Bay saltwater scene recently. Crabs are still available outside the Golden Gate, while anglers staying within the bay are tangling with perch, the occasional sturgeon and netters are nailing herring.

Ray Niford of the Berkeley Marina Sportfishing Center reported that the Eldorado 3 is available for combo crab and sanddab trips.

Pier anglers had been catching a mix of sharks, rays and perch, but more recently the big excitement has come in the form of herring. Clouds of big herring on their spawning run are pushing past the pier and anglers working with nets have taken big numbers of herring at times. Some folks eat the herring, while others are storing them to use as bait in the future.

Sturgeon anglers have reported intermittent success while working along the ship channels on the South Bay. Shrimp baits and herring fillets both draw strikes for patient anglers.

A little more about Ray Niford and the Berkeley Marina Sportfishing Center. Niford is running the newly updated store. The store features a full line of bait and fishing gear from manufacturers like Phenix, Avet, Shimano, Diawa, Okuma, P-Line, Shakespeare and Trokar.

Niford also takes reservations for several charter boats when they are running such as the California Dawn, Eldorado, Eldorado 3, Golden Eye 2000, Sun Fish, Happy Hooker and New Easy Rider.


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