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Debris And Mud Deter Trout Enthusiasts

Written By: Danny Lloyd, December 23, 2013
Species: Trout Bass Steelhead
Location: Russian River, Sonoma Lake,

Muddy water and debris resulting from recent storms have dampened fishing prospects at Lake Sonoma, reported Dylan Miller at Outdoor Pro Shop. Expect the landlocked steelhead and black bass to rebound as the water clears.

Before the storms, landlocked steelhead fishing was good at Sonoma. The fish were hitting Apex lures and spoons in the top 15 feet of water. The fish were spread all over the lake from the dam to the creek inlets. The trout were in the 18 to 24 inch range, with an occasional larger fish.

The bass fishing was also going strong from the bank to 30 feet deep. Anglers used a variety of methods, including cranking, fishing jigs and drop shotting. The fish are a mixture of largemouth and smallmouth bass in the 1 to 3 pound range.e

The Russian River is in desperate need of some more weather! Expect the steelhead action to shift into better fishing in the next coming weeks. The river was barely flowing at a dismal 120 cfs near Healdburg and Cloverdale.

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