The Fish Sniffer - Dec. 18, 2012 Limits Of Crab And Rockfish Routine Between Storms
Dec. 18, 2012 Limits Of Crab And Rockfish Routine Between Storms

Written By: Cal Kellogg, December 18, 2012
Location: Golden Gate, San Francisco Bay,

(Berkeley) It’s hard to imagine the crab and rockfish action being any hotter outside the Golden Gate. At this point every trip is resulting in limits of rockfish along with full limits of crabs. Some husky lings are showing up too. The only obstacle has been the stormy weather we’ve experience. 

Over the past weekend out of the Berkeley Marina the Happy Hooker headed out on a single combo trip while the California Dawn ran on both Saturday and Sunday. Limits of rockfish and crabs were the rule while fishing at both the islands and along the Marin Coast. A mix of lings to 15 pounds were landed as were some very nice vermilion rockfish weighing up to 15 pounds. 

In Emeryville, the New Salmon Queen, Sea Wolf, New Huck Finn and New Seeker all headed out to the islands on Sunday for 80 plus limits of rockfish and crabs.

Private boaters are starting to target sturgeon in the south bay and a few keepers have been caught. The action should improve once herring show in the bay. When that happens herring fillets and herring roe will be great baits. Until then anglers are advised to rely on shrimp baits and pile worms. Anglers working the edges of the channel have the best chance for success at this time. 

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