The Fish Sniffer - Deep Trolling Yields Limits Of Mackinaw
Deep Trolling Yields Limits Of Mackinaw

Written By: Danny Lloyd, March 23, 2014
Species: Mackinaw
Location: Lake Tahoe,

Late winter mackinaw fishing isn't wide-open at Lake Tahoe, but the fishing is very productive with limits of keeper size fish being the rule on most days.

“We aren't knocking them dead by any means, but we are getting around 8 fish per trip ranging up to 8 pounds most days," related Gene St. Denis of Blue Ribbon Sportfishing. "This week the weather has been hit and miss making the fishing tough. On a good weather day, although being very cold the fishing has been steady."

In a recent trip of my own, I got the chance to fish Lake Tahoe with Gene and a few clients from the East Bay area. We were all rewarded with limits although the fishing was rather slow and the fish made us work for those last few fish!

Mickey Daniels of Mickey's Big Mack Charters reported that he has been catching limits to 8 pounds by working the shallows early in the morning and moving deeper throughout the day trolling minnows with a flasher or dodger off the bottom. This technique has provided limits day in and day out this winter, so if you have never fished Lake Tahoe now would be the time to do it if you're not against a little cold weather.

Sand Harbor and El Dorado boat launch will remain closed. Both the Lake Forrest Ramp and Cave Rock Ramp remain open but remember they're only open from 6am-4pm daily. 


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