The Fish Sniffer - Dorado And Roosters Reward Anglers In La Paz
Dorado And Roosters Reward Anglers In La Paz

Written By: FishSniffer Staff, May 28, 2014
Species: Billfish Dorado Marlin Tuna Wahoo
Location: Baja California,

“Winds continue to be a problem, some days. Others it’s barely breezy. But this type of weather is consistent to this transitional time of year when it’s not quite spring and still not quite summer although air and water temps are relatively warm. So, some days, it can be pretty bouncy out there limiting our range and style of fishing while other days, it’s like a pond,” quipped Jonathan Roldan of Tailhunter International in La Paz.

“Fishing is reflective of those conditions as well.  If it’s windy, we’re somewhat confined to inshore fishing, although that can be quite good for cabrilla, snapper, pargo, jack crevalle, small to large rooster fish and even some late-season sierra. On the days that we’re able to range a bit further, we add to that list the larger dorado and wahoo which bit pretty well this week, especially off the north and south end of Cerralvo Island.  The wahoo were most aggressive in the early morning hours around sunrise and mid-morning and ranged from 20-40 pound fish. Trolling with dark-colored Rapalas and Yo-Zuris worked best,” said Roldan.

“Bait continues to be a problem.  From what I’m hearing, the El Nino has been plaguing the entire Baja. I’m getting communications from the East Cape as well as Cabo asking if we have bait to sell or send. I heard from friends in Loreto that they are also having trouble with live bait as well. We’re making do with what nature gives us these days. We’re using larger baits like stripped bonito as well as mackerel and caballitos…that all make excellent bait, but it’s not like you can throw handfuls of larger baits into the ocean for chum like we’re used to doing with sardines. We are also using live ballyhoo as well.”

“One note of optimism is that I’m getting reports that out at the 88 bank outside of Cerralvo Island there’s lots of small mackerel and caballitos and small bonito balling up.  These are palm-sized fish that are super on the hook and we’re looking hopefully that in the week or two that area could blow up on us.  Last year, in the summer, the 88 turned into dorado and marlin candy land with dorado all going 40-50 pounds and marlin cruising the area in great numbers as well,” concluded Roldan.


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