The Fish Sniffer - Double Trout Plant Boosts Angling Success
Double Trout Plant Boosts Angling Success

Written By: Dan Bacher, February 6, 2014
Species: Trout Bass
Location: Collins Lake,

Collins Lake recently received a double trout plant, 2000 pounds, of larger than normal-sized trout from the Department of Fish and Wildlife, boosting fishing success.

“Chris Hazen from Grass Valley had two fabulous fishing days here while shore fishing with PowerBait by the dam,” said Kathy Hess at the Collins Lake Resort. “The first trip was with Max and they both limited out. The second trip with Ron produced two limits as well.”

“My cousin Mica Fish (the old man and the dogs in the boat) limited every day on their camping trip this past week,” noted Hess. “Bob Hess caught fish with him as well, and his granddaughter Macy Rose brought some up for a photo. Mica and Bob trolled in front of the beach mostly three colors down using minnow type lures or Kastmasters.”

Ramona and Hal came up to enjoy the 70-degree weather and fished from shore as they always do by the dam. Ramona caught the biggest fish that day, a 2 lb. 14 oz. rainbow, on PowerBait.

“Little Joseph Thompson caught his first fish ever, a 2 pound trout, while using worms for bait by the dock,” said Hess.

Calvin and Chuck Sierer from Lincoln trolled for trout all over the lake, but they said most of their 9 trout were taken in front of the beach on worms. Linda Norris and David Alvis filled the 10 fish board with their 10 rainbow trout that they caught from shore on Rainbow PowerBait.

Jay and his group caught 10 trout as well down by the dam on pink garlic PowerBait from shore. The group included Jay Levario, Julian, Gabby and Jerry Ramirez from Rocklin.

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