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Drop Shotters Nail Bass

Written By: Danny Lloyd, December 19, 2013
Species: Bass
Location: Folsom Lake,

The water level at Folsom has continued to drop despite the recent storms. Last year at this time we were experiencing water levels rising due to storms and we hope this happens in the near future!

The water level is now 372.36 feet above sea level, 93.64 feet from full. The reservoir is holding 223,628 acre-feet of water, 23 percent of capacity and 48 percent of average.

Fishing pressure has been light lately, due to the cold storms that moved through the region last week. Jeremy Hart and his fishing buddy, Craig, found decent bass action during their latest trip before the storms.

"We caught and released 6 bass, including 4 largemouth in the 1 to 2 lb. range and a single spotted bass weighing in at over 4 pounds," said Hart. "We experienced the top action while drop shotting in 20 feet of water first thing in the morning then moving into 40 feet of water as the day progressed."

"We found the best fishing using 5-1/2 inch watermelon worm straight under the boat at the entrance to the South Fork," he noted. "We also saw lots of salmon jumping on the surface throughout the morning!"

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