The Fish Sniffer - Drought Uncovers Flooded Gold Rush Town of Mormon Island
Drought Uncovers Flooded Gold Rush Town of Mormon Island

Written By: Danny Lloyd, January 20, 2014
Species: Bass Trout Landlocked Salmon
Location: Folsom Lake,

The dramatic drop in the water level at Folsom Lake has uncovered the historic gold rush town of Mormon Island. Remains of the community have been hiding beneath Folsom Lake for decades since the dam was built in the 1950s.

The majority of people visiting Folsom are those wanting to visit the remains of the Gold Rush-era town, so fishing reports have been slim with only a few anglers willing to launch with such low levels. Those willing to get out there can be rewarded with some great fishing!

James Netzel of Fishing James Guide Service reported, "The fishing on Folsom for landlocked kings is great with most fish showing in 40-60 feet of water and taking a mixture of baits including hoochies and rolling shad."

Black bass can still be caught during these cold winter months, but your best bet is to slow down your presentation and fish a little deeper. Live minnows can be the best choice for some nice fish.

Trout fishing has been hit and miss. Some anglers are getting skunked while others are able to pick up a few holdovers. Shore anglers are still picking up planters below the Granite Bay launch and towards the dam.

The reservoir is only 18 percent of its capacity and and the water level is only 361 feet above sea level. Last year to date Folsom was at 59 percent of capacity. The lack of precipitation has made this the driest winter since the drought of 1976-77.

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