The Fish Sniffer - East Bay Lakes Roundup- Contra Loma
East Bay Lakes Roundup- Contra Loma

Written By: Dan Bacher, January 19, 2014
Species: Trout Catfish Bass Panfish
Location: Contra Loma Reservoir,

If you want to catch trout, fish at the East Shore, Channel Point, or near the Swim Lagoon on Power Bait or nightcrawlers, advised Pete Alexander of the East Bay Regional Park District.

“Catfish has slowed down,” he advised. “Try fishing at Channel Point or near the Swim Lagoon with nightcrawlers, anchovies, shrimp, or chicken liver.”

Black bass have been biting on artificial baits/lures or nightcrawlers anywhere around the lake, while crappie or bluegill ar e hitting jigs and worms at Loma Island or Channel Point area.

Big trout? Just ask Joseph Benton, who caught a 5.5 lb. trout on Power Bait at the East Side; Lino Gomez, who fooled a 6.02 lb. trout with rainbow Power Bait at the East Side; or Mark Silva, who caught a 5.5 lb. trout on a Blue Fox spinner from a boat.

The park district planted 500 pounds of rainbows the week of January 6 and the DFW stocked 1000 pounds the week of January 13.


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