The Fish Sniffer - East Bay Lakes Roundup- Quarry Lakes
East Bay Lakes Roundup- Quarry Lakes

Written By: Dan Bacher, February 20, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Quarry Lakes,


(Fremont) Every time you fish at Horseshoe Lake you have a good chance into hooking into the fish of a lifetime. The trout fishing continues to be “amazing,” reported Pete Alexander.

Just ask Brad Moore of San Jose, who caught the biggest fish of the year to date, a 14.3 pound beauty. He was fishing a Rainbow Runner from his “kaboat” in the front part of Horseshoe. ,

Chris Teng of Fremont caught an 8.5-pound trout and an 8.7-pound trout using spoons and 2-pound test line at the far end of Fishermen’s Row. Shin Kato of Fremont caught his limit of rainbows, including a 6¼-pound trout, while using a homemade lure from the far end of Fishermen’s Row.

“Jimmy from South City” and his 11-year old son Zach Lowell caught a 5.4-pound trout, a 5.14-pound trout, a 6.7-pound trout and a 7.3-pound trout using Rainbow Runners and broken-back Rapalas. They were fishing from their boat in the front part of Horseshoe Lake.

On his next trip, Jimmy returned to catch another limit of trout, including fish weighing 4.13 , 5.4 pounds, 5.12, 6.10 and 6.10 pounds, again fishing from his boat with broken-back Rapalas and Rainbow Runners.

Lawrence Yano of Castro Valley caught a 5.5-pound and a 10.5-pound trout from his float tube while using chartreuse Power Bait in the front p art of Horseshoe Lake.

“After losing his limit of trout on his stringer to a hungry pelican on one trip, Josue Rivera of Hayward returned two days later to catch another limit of trout, including three fish weighing 2.14, 4.11 and 5.5 pounds. He was fishing from the Peninsula with orange and yellow Power Eggs and a jig both days,” said Alexander.

The park district planted 500 pounds of rainbows the week of February 3 and the CDFW stocked 1,000 pounds the week of February 10.


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