The Fish Sniffer - East Bay Lakes Roundup
East Bay Lakes Roundup

Written By: Dan Bacher, December 21, 2013
Species: Bass Catfish Landlocked Stripers Trout
Location: Lafayette Reservoir, Los Vaqueros Reservoir, Shadow Cliffs Lake, Del Valle Reservoir, Quarry Lakes,


(Lafayette) It’s definitely trout time at Lafayette Reservoir, due to the cold water temperatures and regular rainbow plants.

“It’s getting even colder at the Lafayette Reservoir, the water temperature being 54.2 degrees F from the surface to 30 feet at 9:00 AM, but this is ideal for our trout,” reported Soehl KnKade. “As 54 degrees is perfect for trout, you should be able to catch them from any depth.”

“Last week’s best catch is contested between an osprey’s very large trout snatch just at the surface at the south end, the Kelpsas family with their verified 5.5 pounder caught with worms at Harrys Cove, and Cory Smith’s success in catfish as he caught his limit of 10 from a boat, one of them quite large,” KnKade explained.

“We will have a Department of Fish and Wildlife plant of trout this week,” said KnKade. “The most popular bait for trout continues to be worms or PowerBait, but others are using lures, shads, or their own secret.

KnKade noted that the reservoir open 365 days a year, which includes holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.



(Castro Valley) Trout fishing continues to be solid at Lake Chabot. “Our last plant was 500 lbs. from Mt. Lassen and we are expecting another 500 pounds this week,” said Stan Wong of Lake Chabot.

Limits are getting pulled out daily with a lot of success from anglers trolling Kastmasters and even PowerBait. The trout are holding from the surface down to 15 feet.

If you are going out on a boat, some hot spots are around the island, Half Moon Bay, back by Bass Cove and over near Raccoon Point. The water temperature is cooling off with the lower temps at night,

William Shaw of Oakland caught a 5.8 lb. trout on the 2nd dock on the west shore trail. Justin Wong of Hayward nailed a 7.0 lb. trout on Power Bait by Coots Landing. Kenny Cruz of San Lorenzo landed a 5.62 lb. trout while using corn off the first dock. Jeff Vandeven of Hayward caught a 6.72 lb. trout.

David Rodriquez of San Leandro nailed a 7.38 lb. trout using PowerBait. Chris Peoples of San Lorenzo caught two trout going 5.81 and 6.00 lbs. while trolling. Ron Simpson of Castro Valley bagged a 6.25 lb. trout while using Power Bait.

Bass and catfishing remains slow, due to the cold, clear water conditions.


Los Vaqueros

(Livermore) Fishing for trout has been very good for anglers fishing with bait in the south cove as well as cowboy cove. Trout average 1-1/2 pounds, but go up to 7 lbs.

“18,000 pounds of trout were planted in the past two months,” reported Chris Senti at Los Vaqueros Reservoir. “One thousand pounds from Lassen were planted last Wednesday and another 1000 pounds are going in this week. We anticipate continuing regular trout plants throughout December.”

Garlic scented PowerBait in rainbow and chartreuse, orange or white mice tails and nightcrawlers are all good choices. A number of larger trout have been caught using small Rapalas and Kastmasters.

Boating anglers are also catching trout on bait and by casting lures in the major coves. Anglers have reported catching limits in 8 to 12 feet of water in the very back of Howden Cove and East Cove.

“Use a bobber or very small weights. Nightcrawlers or PowerBait is the way to go. There is no need for line heavier than 6 lb test," he said

Trolling for stripers is still rated good to very good. Many anglers reported catching limits of small stripers trolling in Cowboy Cove and Peninsula Cove. These anglers were using Shad Raps, Rat-L-Traps and other lures in shad patterns. There have been a number of 27 to 29 inch stripers coming out of the reservoir.

Fishing for stripers with bait remains an up and down affair with some anglers catching limits of 18 to 23 inch fish. Cut anchovies or shad will do the trick when bait fishing.

The water level is 132,000 acre feet. With the cooler weather the water temperature has dropped to 57-58 degrees.


Shadow Cliffs

(Pleasanton) Trout are being planted on a weekly basis and trout fishing has improved from the shore as water temperatures are dropping. Small largemouth bass are biting as well as the occasional catfish, reported Pete Alexander of the East Bay Regional Park District.

Some anglers are catching limits of rainbows. For example, Frank Yanagihora bagged five rainbows on a recent trip while using chartreuse PowerBait from a canoe around the lake. Carl Moyer also bagged five trout soaking PowerBait from a boat. Jason Komperda landed five trout up to 6 pounds while fishing green PowerBait from a boat

Robert Riblett demonstrated his angling prowess by bagging a rainbow weighing 6.4 lbs and measuring 24 inches while fishing a balance leech with his fly rod from a float tube.

Chris Sinsay nailed a 5.8 lb. rainbow while trolling a Rapala. Joshua Borden landed 3 rainbows to 4 pounds while soaking orange Power Bait off the second dock.


Del Valle

(Livermore) Anglers have been catching trout, catfish, and few stripers and crappie at Lake Del Valle, according to Ashley Loschter of the Rocky Mountain Recreation Company.

“When fishing for stripers, jigs or shad-like lures work best,” she tippe.d “The best time to fish for stripers is in the early morning or evening. Throughout the day, you will still see the stripers pushing up bait balls of shad every so often.”

Stephanie Teng of Fremont caught a 14.4 lb. striper and a 14.15 lb. striper while using a 7 gram spoon at the Dam.

Trout anglers are using Power Bait and Power Worms in chartreuse, rainbow, or corn along the East Beach or in the shallows of coves.

“Catfish have been hitting some interesting things lately, including clam/Trout Dip combinations and anchovies," she disclosed. “The best place for catfish is at the East Beach or in the shallows of coves.”

Sam Baeza from San Jose nailed a 6.67 lb. trout on a spoon at the East Beach. Clint York from Redwood City fooled a 6.39 lb. trout with corn yellow PowerBait with a white Mice Tail at the East Beach. Brian Jacobson of San Jose caught a 7.14 lb. trout on a gold Kastmaster at the East Beach.

Mark Adams of San Jose tricked a 5.75 lb. catfish with anchovies. Jacob Ward of Livermore enticed a 4.5 lb. catfish with a nightcrawler in the Narrows.

Bob Brown from Oakland caught a 1.96 lb. crappie on a jointed Rapala at the East Beach.


Quarry Lakes

(Fremont) “Fishing is still really good in Horseshoe Lake, despite the lowest water levels in the history of Quarry Lakes,” revealed Pete Alexander. “Our 12-year anniversary is December 15, 2013!”

Frank Yanagihara of Union City has also been catching his limits of trout. “He fishes from his kayak and has been fishing in front of Fishermen’s Row, using rainbow Power Bait. He limited out on his latest three trips,” said Alexander.

Guillermo R. Aguirre of San Jose caught his limit of trout, the largest going two pounds, using rainbow Power Bait along the far side of Fishermen’s Row. Seven-year old Gavin Moscon caught a 4.2-pound rainbow trout using garlic Power Bait along Fishermen’s Row.

“John and his nine-year old daughter Taeya caught a total of seven trout,” said Alexander. “Taeya’s catch included a 4.12-pound trout, a 2.1-pound trout, a 1-pound trout and one smaller trout. Her dad caught three small trout. The father-daughter team was using green pumpkin Power Bait and they were fishing on the back side of Horseshoe Lake.”

Calvin To of San Jose caught a monster 8.7-pound trout. Josue Rivera of Hayward landed a 6-½-pound trout and one smaller trout using garlic Power Bait by the big tree on the Peninsula.

“Rich Rasmussen of Newark bagged three fish in 15 minutes in the afternoon while fishing from the Peninsula with Power Bait mixed with garlic,” added Alexander.

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