The Fish Sniffer - East Bay Lakes Roundup
East Bay Lakes Roundup

Written By: Dan Bacher, January 5, 2014
Species: Landlocked Stripers Trout Catfish Bass
Location: Lafayette Reservoir, Quarry Lakes, Contra Loma Reservoir, Los Vaqueros Reservoir, Shadow Cliffs Lake, Del Valle Reservoir,


(Lafayette) Temperatures at the Lafayette Reservoir continue to start at freezing in the morning, and the water temperature has dropped to 51.4 degrees Fahrenheit from the surface to 30 feet below.

“Since the water temperature is continuous at depths, and therefore creating lack of a thermocline, you’ll be seeing more decayed organics appearing along the shoreline, but this means there will be better oxygenation at the bottom for the living (hint, hint),” said Soehl KnKade at Lafayette Reservoir.

It’s just fine for trout fishing, and make sure to gear up for icy docks and chilly heads and hands since there is nearly always a wind chill coming across the water.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife dropped a whopping total of 3000 pounds of trout last week on Thursday and Friday – and Mount Lassen planted another load of rainbows on December 17.

“I don’t have any news for better baits to use, but more fishers are using just live worms successfully,” tipped KnKade.


Contra Loma

(Antioch) Trout are biting at the boat ramp area, Channel Point, or near the Swim Lagoon on Power Bait or nightcrawlers, reported Pete Alexander of the East Bay Regional Park District.

Matilde Quiroga caught a 7.13 lb. trout on Power Bait from the North/West Dock. Paul Fluno III fooled a 6 lb. rainbow with PowerBait from the left side of the boat ramp. Mark Silva caught a 6 lb. trout on a Rat-L-Trap from a boat.

Dave O’Neal landed a 6.3 lb. trout while fishing a spoon from a boat. Rock Chang caught two 6.1 lb. trout from the East Site on Power Eggs and Power Worms

Catfishing has slowed down, but the catfish being taken are big ones. “Try fishing at Channel Point or near the Swim Lagoon with nightcrawlers, anchovies, shrimp, or chicken liver,” tipped Alexander.

Kenneth Ferrari caught a 10.2 lb. catfish on Power Bait from a boat. Dan Carroll bagged a 10.13 lb. catfish while soaking Power Bait near the Swim Lagoon.

“Black bass have been biting on artificial baits/lures or nightcrawlers anywhere around the lake. Crappie and bluegill have been biting on jigs or worms at Loma Island or Channel Point area,” said Alexander.

The DFW planted Contra Loma with 1000 pounds of rainbows the week of December 16 and the park district stocked 750 pounds the week of December 23.



Los Vaqueros

(Livermore) Los Vaqueros Reservoir is holding 132,000 acre-feet of water and the water temperature has dropped to 54 degrees.

“Fishing for trout has been very good for anglers fishing with bait in the south cove as well as cowboy cove,” said Chris Senti at Los Vaqueros Reservoir. “Trout average a pound and a half but range up to 7 lbs. Limits have been common for skilled anglers.”

17,000 pounds of trout were planted in a two-month period, boosting the catches of bank anglers and rental boaters at the reservoir.

Garlic scented PowerBait in rainbow and chartreuse, orange or white mice tails and nightcrawlers are all good choices.

Trolling for trout is rated fair to excellent. Anglers trolling Rapalas Kastmasters, Roostertails, Rebels, and Thomas Buoyants report catching trout in the backs of East and Howden Coves. Fish are being caught about 5-7 feet down in 10-20 feet of water.

Boating anglers are also catching trout on bait and by casting lures in the major coves. Anglers have reported catching limits in 8 to 12 feet of water in the very back of Howden Cove and East Cove.

“Quite a few 5 pound and larger fish continue to be caught both from boats and from the shore,” said Senti. “A 12 lb lunker was caught in South Cove on PowerBait. We anticipate continued great fishing in coming weeks. We anticipate very frequent trout plants to continue through the winter.

“With the cooler weather the striper bite has slowed down,” said Senti. “ There have been a few fish reported being caught on lures and cut anchovies.”

Reports of catfish and black bass success have been scarce lately.


Shadow Cliffs

(Pleasanton) Trout are being planted on a weekly basis and trout fishing has improved from the shore with the arrival of cold winter water temperatures. Small bass are biting as well as the occasional catfish, reported Pete Alexander.

Jay Huey landed a rainbow weighing 8.6 lbs and measuring 24 in. while fishing white Power Eggs/ white worms off the Stanley dock.

Rich bagged two rainbows going 7.1 and 8.6 pounds while trolling a Rainbow Runner on the Trout Pirate. On the following day, Doug landed a 5 lb. rainbow on the Trout Pirate.

Shore fishing is also productive. Sean Migill landed four rainbows while soaking chartreuse Power Bait off the 3rd dock.

The park district stocked 500 pounds of rainbows the week of December 16, 1095 pounds the week of December 23 and 500 pounds the week of December 30.


Del Valle

(Livermore) “Fishing has been very good for stripers following the two new plants of trout this last week,” revealed Aschley Loschter of the Rocky Mountain Recreation Company. “The best things to use are spoons, swimbaits, or any trout like lures in the lower Narrows and south end of the lake.”

If you catch a striped bass at Del Valle and wish to keep it, please report it to the Marina attendants. “We would like to have the weight, length, and stomach from your stripers in order to assess the diets of the smaller and larger striped bass,” she explained.

Big fish honors go to Chris Simpson from Oakley, who caught and released a 16.8 lb. striper on a swimbait in the Lower Narrows.

“Trout are being consistently caught from the East Beach and lower Narrows by anglers using Kastmasters, Power Bait, Mice Tails, and nightcrawlers,” she stated.

Robert Hargrove from Livermore caught a beautiful 6.7 lb. rainbow trout on a jerkbait in Swallow Bay

“A few bass have also been pulled out this week from the Narrows on jigs or spoons,” she added. “No one has come up with a catfish this week, but best bait to use would be anchovies or nightcrawlers in any areas where there are downed trees and brush in the water.”

The park district planted 1000 pounds of rainbows the week of December 16, 1290 pounds the week of December 23 and 750 pounds the week of December 30.

The water temperature is 50 degrees at the end of the dock.


Quarry Lakes

(Fremont) Rainbow fishing is still going strong at Quarry Lakes. “Lots of limits of trout and several whoppers were caught in the last two weeks,” disclosed Pete Alexander.

Rohn Strandberg of Livermore caught an 8.2-pound trout using a “Wei spoon” in the Kiosk Cove. On the same day, Wilmer Magpantay of Hayward bagged his limit of trout using a white egg from the Peninsula. 

Dennis Thomas of Tracy caught a 10.1-pound trout, along with three smaller trout, while soaking green pumpkin Power Bait from the Peninsula.  Brent Wittler of Mountain View nailed a 5.8-pound rainbow trout on a white Power Egg with a trout King Worm to the left of the beach. 

Rico Gonzalez, along with his seven-year old son, Mili, and his four-year old daughter Laylah, landed seven trout!  They were using rainbow Power Bait and were fishing from the Peninsula Point.

Finally, Diego Martinez of Newark defied the odds and caught a 6.5-pound catfish on purple Power Bait from the Peninsula. 

The district stocked 500 pounds of trout the week of December 16, 1250 pounds the week of December 23 and 500 pounds the week of December 30.

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