The Fish Sniffer - East Bay Lakes Roundup
East Bay Lakes Roundup

Written By: Dan Bacher, June 29, 2014
Species: Bass Catfish Landlocked Stripers Trout
Location: San Pablo Reservoir, Los Vaqueros Reservoir, Lafayette Reservoir, Shadow Cliffs Lake, Del Valle Reservoir, Quarry Lakes,

Los Vaqueros

(Byron) Trout action received a big boost at Los Vaqueros Reservoir after the lake received a plant of 1,000 pounds of Mountain Lassen Fish farm rainbows on Monday, June 9.

 “Shore anglers are finding the top action while tossing out chartreuse, rainbow garlic and corn PowerBait and Kastmasters in the South Cove,” revealed Brian Demunik at the Los Vaqueros Marina. “Boaters are experiencing the best fishing while using the same baits in Howden and Cowboy coves.”

Big fish honors go to Stephen Torres of Morgan Hill, who landed two rainbows weighing 7.5 and 7.2 pounds while using PowerBait in the South Cove on Thursday, June 12.  

Raul Orozco of San Jose bagged a 6.38 lb. rainbow the same day. On June 13, Alex Vigil fooled a 5.5 lb. rainbow with Power Bait.

“The striper fishing is still good from shore and boat,” he noted. “The fish are averaging 22 inches long and the biggest reported this week went 26 inches. Most anglers are catching the fish on anchovies, but some rental boaters are hooking fish on swimbaits.”

Fishing for largemouth bass and channel catfish remains tough. Anglers should fish Senkos, crankbaits and drop shot rigs for the bass and anchovies and nightcrawlers for the catfish. 

The lake is 90 percent of capacity and the surface water temperature is 61 degrees.  


San Pablo

(El Sobrante) If you want to catch big channel catfish at San Pablo Reservoir, try fishing nightcrawlers and chicken livers in the back of Scow Canyon.

Just ask Ed Dallara of El Sobrante, who landed a monster 13-pound catfish while soaking anchovies in Scow Canyon.

Shore anglers continue to bag rainbow trout from the shoreline near the Main Recreation Area, Oaks and the Pines, according to Daniel Perez of the Rocky Mountain Recreation Company. Boaters have been having the best luck at Sandy Point, and Scow Canyon.

Bait anglers should use chartreuse, rainbow or garlic PowerBait, while trollers should employ broken-back fire-tiger Rapalas, Mepps spinners, and Kastmasters.

Michael, Nate and Vince of Walnut Creek reported “fabulous” fishing during a recent trip to San Pablo. They fished for 8 hours, catching 24 rainbows up to 1.5 lbs while soaking PowerBait amd Micetails. They kept their six fish and released the rest.

David Gonzalez landed the largest trout, a 7.76 lb. rainbow, while soaking chartreuse PowerBait at the Main Recreation Area.

“Anglers throwing shad colored crankbaits or spinners have been catching largemouths while drop shotting Roboworms off the points and rocks for spotted bass. The Main Recreation Area Scow canyon and boat launch are the better spots.    

The lake level is at 310 feet in elevation and the surface water temperature is about 76 degrees. Water is about 3 feet of clarity.



(Lafayette) The hot weather has arrived, but it’s still time for fishing at the Lafayette Reservoir. 

“For proof we’ve had regular catches throughout the week, and even though we’re having most trout caught in the south end and catfish in the east cove, reports have come in that you can count on getting some of both at either end,” said Soehl KnKade at Lafayette Reservoir.

Bass are also ready to bite and they’re everywhere, often around the docks.

“We planted 1000 lbs of catfish last week and we plan to have another plan this week,” disclosed KnKade.

The water temperatures are currently at 74.2 degrees Fahrenheit at 6 feet and 54 degrees at 30 feet.


Shadow Cliffs

(Pleasanton) Rainbow trout are still being planted on a weekly basis and catfish plants have begun. Fishing has been slow the last couple of weeks from the shore and docks. 

“Anglers on boats have had better luck and reported some catches,” said Pete Alexander of the East Bay Regional Park District. “Please practice catch and release for bass as they are not stocked in the lake and their population depends on you.”

The water temperature is approximately 72 degrees, so that means that you must go deep for the Trout. 

Brad Moore from San Jose caught 2 trout up to 5.8 pounds while trolling in the main lake with Rainbow Runner.    


Del Valle

(Livermore) “The water temperature has gone down a few degrees to 72 and water clarity is good with about an eight foot visibility,” said Josalin Coulter of the Rocky Mountain Recreation Company. “There have not been too many changes in fishing this past week except for trout making a little more of an appearance, despite the heat, for anglers trolling Rapalas.”

Stripers are still biting on anchovies and nightcrawlers around the Narrows, Dam and Heron Bay. Catfish slowed down a little bit, but they are still being caught on anchovies and night crawlers around the Lower Narrows.

“Largemouth bass are still not too active, but the smallies are biting in certain areas between different plastics and lures,” said Coulter. 

Al Hurwitz of Saratoga and Abbey Lev of Sunnyvale landed 6 smallmouth bass and a 6 lb., 23 inch rainbow while trolling Rapalas in 30-35 feet of water, the lure approximately 20 feet below the water surface. Most of the fish were caught on the western shore of the lake between Heron Bay and Swallow Bay.  

Matthias Gottmann of Sunnyvale caught an 8.2 lb. trout on anchovies over at the Dam. Chris Pena-Prado of Mountain View caught a 4.8 lb. trout and 3.4 lb. and 4.2 lb. stripers on PowerBait and anchovies at the Dam.

Luke Weill of San Jose bagged a stinger of catfish weighing 12.3 lbs. while jigging a nightcrawler on the other side of the launching docks. Ted Gross of San Jose brought in a stringer of 29 lbs. of trout, with the largest at 8.09 lbs., using a Rapala near the Dam

Arturo Grajeda of Livermore caught a 13.2 lb. striper on anchovies in the Narrows. Lilly Jones of Morgan Hill pulled in a stringer of trout totalling 14.4 lbs., with the largest being 6.5 lbs., on a Rapala at the Dam



Quarry Lakes

(Fremont) “Trout fishing at Horseshoe Lake has been great over the past two weeks,” said Pete Alexander. “Plus, we have some ‘new’ regulars; Bernie Helwig from Milpitas, Doug from Hayward, Richard Kawitsky (Niles) with the ‘Trout Pirate.’These trollers have been very successful with Rainbow Runners,” noted Alexander.

Bernie caught his limits of trout on four successive trips. While on the “Trout Pirate,” Doug captured an 11# catfish as well as 3 trout on one trip. On another trip, one of Doug’s 5 trout included an 8# 3 oz. fighter.

“Our long time regular, Jack Antrim, usually catches and releases more than 5 trout each time he is out here,” added Alexander. “Fisherman Fred of Fremont caught his limits two days in a row. His top fish weighed 8.8 lbs. His bait of choice is green PowerBait while casting from the left of the swim beach.”

Matt, Nicholas (13), Nathan (8) and Garvey Bassett from Hayward had a great day on the lake catching a combined 7 trout and one 13# 12oz. catfish. They trolled the front side of the lake with little Elco lures

Raymac and Randy McVey (Fremont) caught 7 trout, the largest weighing 5# and 8# 8 oz. They also were trolling with Rainbow Runners and Trophy Sticks.

Chris Sinsay (Milpitas) bagged 3 large trout (6, 7 and 8 pounds)  while trolling the lake with Rapala lures. Finally, Zack Lowell of South San Francisco caught one 8# trout with a Rapala lure while trolling on Horseshoe Lake.


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