The Fish Sniffer - East Cape Anglers Battle Billfish And Dorado
East Cape Anglers Battle Billfish And Dorado

Written By: FishSniffer Staff, June 10, 2014
Species: Billfish Dorado Marlin Wahoo
Location: Baja California,


“This week was the unofficial start of the fishing season with the arrival of the first group of the year, The Reel News Baja Amigos”,” quipped Eddie Dalmau of Van Wormer Resorts. “The week started off a little slow due in some part to the winds kicking up, which caught most of us by surprise.  But in typical East Cape fashion, things quickly turned around and each day got better and better.” 

“Today was by far the best day of the month, with approximately 25 boats going out today, each and every boat came back with lots of flags flying. Some boats landed as many as 10 billfish and others as many as 10 dorado. Add to that a 3 knot breeze and 90 degree weather and you really couldn’t have a better day on the water,” said Dalmau.

“We are still seeing striped marlin, sailfish, dorado, wahoo, jack crevalle, roosters and pompano, but most of the boats are sticking with billfish and dorado. Fishing has been hot down south just outside of the Cabo Pulmo marine park and a bit south near Los Frailes. Water temps are holding steady between 78 and 81 degrees and air temps have been in the upper 80’s and low 90’s. Fishing is wide open right now, so make your plans to join us soon,” Dalmau concluded.


Marlin Fishing Rated As Steady Out Of Cabo San Lucas

“The water temperature is like 79 to 80 degrees and we are just waiting for things to bust wide open. With those temperatures we are going to start seeing blue marlin and lots of dorado move into the area. It has started to break loose and I am seeing some good fishing coming all through summer,” exclaim Captain Jerry Chapman of JC Sportfishing.

“In terms of billfish the fishing remains pretty good as we are catching good numbers of marlin from the 1150 inshore to Chileno Bay and all the way up to pump house. They are hitting on a variety of live bait, lures and ballyhoo. There are lots of fish out there it looks as though you just have to find the ones that are hungry and willing to strike, but there are out there. All the other fleets are also reporting good numbers of marlin over this past week and with warm water in the area I am thinking the consistent fishing will continue,” said Chapman.

“The dorado seem to be all over the place and the best action is inshore around Chileno Bay and Santa Maria. Most are being landed by using ballyhoo and live bait slowed trolled but it seems there are a lot of very smalls ones and few big ones hanging out in pairs. If you hook one of the bigger ones and pitch some live bait while you are reeling in the fish chances are you will hook the female, which is normally a lot bigger,” Chapman disclosed.

“There were no tuna this week and it has been slow throughout the year its as if they haven't showed up yet. We did have some days where a few were caught out side of the San Jamie Banks so we went to look for them and it’s as if they just disappeared,” Chapman reported.

“The inshore fishing has been ok for small roosters on live bait from Grey Rock to the pump house in tight to the beach. There has also been good numbers of small dorado and when I say small I mean bait size but a few keepers,” concluded Chapman.


La Paz Anglers Experience Fair Action Amid Humid Conditions

“It’s actually been one of the hotter and more humid weeks of the year with temps every day just over 100. It’s only May, but if felt like July. Waters were also noticeably warmer as well. But, the good-side of that is much of the green plankton-colored water burned off and we’ve got some pretty blue stuff finally here,” exclaimed Jonathan Roldan of Tailhunter International.

“Overall, another up-and-down week. One day our Las Arenas fleet would be top-dog for fish and action. Next day, Las Arenas would be tough and our La Paz fleet would be rocking the fishing.  Similarly, two pangas next to each other would be fishing and doing the exact same thing or working the same beach or patch of water. One would hook up left-and-right. The other would have guys scratching their heads wondering if they had unlucky bananas aboard. There was just no predicting from day-to-day or from location to location,” said Roldan.

“The two biggest stars that came through were our dorado, especially for our La Paz anglers, with fish up to 40 pounds, but so so so many fish lost! It made the counts very deceiving!  Our fishermen would come in with some sad stories and only 2 or 3 fish. Then, I would check with our captain and he would say they had lots of opportunities.  They LOST 7 fish!”  Well…that’s a big difference,” Roldan exclaimed.

“A couple days there were plenty of fish around, but despite seeing them no one could get them to bite. The best news has been the roosterfish. The roosters around Las Arenas have been doing really well. Again, we got some real horse-sized pez gallos. Fish were generally 20-50 pounds, which are nothing to sneeze at, but we also got some fish in the 60-70 pound class and even one estimated at 80-90 pounds.  All fish were released. We also saw more marlin this week and are hearing stories of tuna moving into our area from the south,” Roldan said in closing.



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