The Fish Sniffer - Englebright Kokes
Englebright Kokes

Written By: Rick Kennedy, Tightlines Guide Service, June 23, 2014
Species: Kokanee
Location: Englebright Reservoir,

Englebright Kokes
Englebright Kokes
We fished Lake Englebright today, with Al and Jerry Silva. We started just outside the houseboats and trolled up river. It wasn’t long before we started landing nice rainbows up to 15”. After putting a half dozen in the box, we decided to take a ride up river. We dropped in and once again it was only a couple minutes before we hooked up again. After landing that rainbow the next two fish we landed were suckers. We decided to return back to the area we started at in the morning. The first pass we landed another nice rainbow. The next fish was a bonus 15” Kokanee. We ended the day with limits made up of two Kokanee one 15” and one 13” and the rest Rainbows. The Rainbows averaged 14” with a couple up to 16”.  All our fish were caught on Watermelon Sidekicks and a half of nightcrawler. We caught fish from the surface down to 16 feet.  Thank you to Nick and Lisa Rogers of Skippers Cove for their efforts with the pen project. Their efforts and paying off.  


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