The Fish Sniffer - Englebright Sees Some Holdover Rainbow Action
Englebright Sees Some Holdover Rainbow Action

Written By: Garry Erck, January 17, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Bullards Bar Reservoir, Englebright Reservoir,

“Englebright house boaters reported solid action off their boats,” reported Lisa Rogers at Skippers Cove Marina.  “A four and half pounder nailed a yellow glitter PowerBait offering last week and a lot of pan sized planters have also been reported – so anglers are doing pretty well.”

“We are seeing large numbers of holdovers making their way into the marina area to take advantage of the food that the pen fish don’t eat up. And no, we don’t allow fishing at the pens – but anglers might consider working the areas around the marina for those fish still making their way into the area,” she tipped.

“Bullards Bar’s boat ramps are all out of the water – so access is near impossible,” said Mike Searcy at Star Bait and Tackle in Marysville. “The only access I can think might be possible would be a long walk in the Dark Day area – but it's pretty much a waiting game for rain.”

 Bullards Bar is at 44% capacity, while Englebright stands at 93% of capacity.

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