The Fish Sniffer - Englebright Trout Action Awaits
Englebright Trout Action Awaits

Written By: Garry Erck, January 4, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Bullards Bar Reservoir, Englebright Reservoir,

“Rainbow trout fishing at Englebright is doing well after the dusting of snow we got last week,” reported Mike Torres at Skippers Cove Marina.

“Water here is a bit stained and we aren’t seeing a lot of boats on the water – but this time of year can really produce,” he stated. “Bank and boat action should do well. Trollers should consider flashers and nightcrawlers – think about using scents to overcome the stained water; also a larger flasher or dodger to put out a bigger thump to attract the fish. Bank anglers should look at the fishing access trail or the marina area for best bet at a limit. Ramp access is wide open here at Englebright.”

“Bullards Bar is currently so low that all concrete ramps are out of the water and anglers wishing to launch will find it tough to overcome the gravel and rip-rap at the edge of the concrete,” said Billy at Emerald Cove Marina. “Working from the banks will be the only game in town until we get some significant water in the lake. I am not even sure bank anglers could toss out far enough to get into the deeper reaches where the bass are, but it they were to try they should work plastics across lake points in the 40-60 foot range.”

Bullards Bar is at 46% capacity, while Englebright stands at 95% of capacity.


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