The Fish Sniffer - Englebright Trout Pens Opened
Englebright Trout Pens Opened

Written By: Garry Erck, March 17, 2014
Species: Trout Bass
Location: Englebright Reservoir, Bullards Bar Reservoir,

It was time and the otters were knocking – so Skipper’s Cove Marina opened the doors and let thousands of pounds of trout into the lake for anglers to enjoy. 

“The pens had been noticed by the local otters,” said Lisa Rogers at Skipper’s Cove Marina. “And, instead of getting to a point where the otters get in to the pens, we released the fish.”

“Weather has kept many anglers from the lake, but we now have a real reason to get them here. Marina area action as a result is wide-open with fish over four pounds being common. Bankies are working PowerBait and trollers are pulling flasher/crawler combos.”

“Bullards anglers are seeing a few 5-9 pound bass,” reported Leven at Emerald Cove Marina. “Anglers in the know will work proper spring colored plastics at the lake, most seem to come from the Dark Day area. “

“Trout anglers have been scarce – I would recommend anchoring up or off the  bank, toss bait - nightcrawlers, salmon eggs, etc. – to overcome the murky water,” he noted.

Emerald Cove ramp is open again –it’s one lane, but will accommodate bass boats and other boats up to about twenty feet in length.

Bullards Bar is at 51% capacity, while Englebright stands at 96% of capacity.


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