The Fish Sniffer - Fall Trout Plant Total Comes To 13,500 Pounds
Fall Trout Plant Total Comes To 13,500 Pounds

Written By: Dan Bacher, December 18, 2013
Species: Trout Catfish
Location: Collins Lake,

With multiple trout plants in the past few weeks, anglers caught many hefty rainbows at Collins Lake.

“Fish and Wildlife brought in a whopping 3,900 pounds of trout,” said Kathy Hess at the Collins Lake Resort. “Instead of breaking the load into two plants they dropped them all at once and that will be the last plant this fall, bringing our Fall 2013 total to 13,500 pounds.”

Planting will resume again in February 2014.

Eric Christiansen hooked the biggest trout weighing 6 pounds, 4 ounces. He and his wife Lynne landed 5 total while trolling on top with a Super Duper or Kastmasters.

Ryan Barella and his buddy Mike Kolko caught some big trout while trolling a variety of lures and grubs. Young Tyler Brown of Shingle Springs also landed a 4 lb. 12 oz. rainbow while soaking PowerBait from shore near the marina.

“The McDonnell family and Anderson family joined forces and slayed the trout,” reported Hess. “The McDonnel kids caught a monster 5 lb. rainbow, their first fish. Together they caught 3 limits of trout, from shore, on PowerBait. “

Gery Denzler caught the second biggest trout on PowerBait under the power lines in his boat (5 lb. 4 oz.) Don Hornyak of Yuba City took home a limit of trout that he fooled with worms and PowerBait near the island in his boat. Elaine caught her 2 lb. 8 oz. trout by the beach on PowerBait.

“Bertoni Delong brought in a huge 12 lb. catfish,” noted Hess. “The funny thing is he was trolling a dodger and a worm and certainly wasn’t fishing for catfish! He was a little confused as to why his trout was so ugly.”

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