The Fish Sniffer - Feb 7, 2013 East Bay Lakes Roundup
Feb 7, 2013 East Bay Lakes Roundup

Written By: Dan Bacher, February 7, 2013
Location: Los Vaqueros Reservoir, Chabot Reservoir, Shadow Cliffs Lake, Del Valle Reservoir, Quarry Lakes,

Los Vaqueros

(Byron) Rainbow trout continue to offer the most consistent fishing at Los Vaqueros Reservoir.

The lake management planted 1000 lbs. of Mt. Lassen trout on Thursday, January 10 and another 1000 lbs. the week of January 21, reported Chris Senti of the Los Vaqueros Recreation Company. The trout being caught average from a half pound to 2 lbs, including a few fish up to 10 lbs. 

“The South Cove continues to be a good choice for trout, but shore anglers are catching trout all along the open shoreline,” said Senti. “We have seen limits caught on both sides of the rock wall.”

The best way to catch trout from shore this time of year is with nightcrawlers, Power Worms, orange Mice Tails or garlic PowerBait.  

“Trolling has slowed a little but anglers who enjoy trolling continue to catch fish all over the reservoir,” he stated. “The best reports we are receiving are from anglers trolling a variety of Rapalas or Kastmasters in Peninsula or East coves.”

“Regulars are catching trout every time out,” he noted. “Anglers fishing from boats with bait are also doing extremely well using a variety of baits in the very backs of large coves. Several regulars reported catching limits every time out.”  

Trolling for school size stripers from boats is slow, but some anglers continue to catch a few fish. Anchovies, sardines or shad should do the trick.   

The latest big striper reported on the lake was a 36 lb. beauty caught and released on December 24 by Erik Patzer. He was working a Huddleston Deluxe swimbait.

Fishing for bass, channel catfish and king salmon has been slow, with few anglers targeting them.

The water level is currently at the 102,000 acre feet and rising. The water temperature is 52 degrees. The reservoir is not muddy, so fishing conditions are very good.       



(Castro Valley) With the New Year, the construction at Lake Chabot has finally been completed and the launch ramp, as well as the ADA dock, is open to the public.

“Because of the muddy water, fishing has been extremely slow,” reported Stan Wong of the Lake Chabot Fishing Outfitters. “Hopefully within the next couple of weeks the mud will settle down to the bottom of the lake and it will clear up.’

Catfishing is slow due to the cold water temperature. However, the tough fishing didn’t stop Eric Jorgensen from catching a 14.3 lb. catfish over by the island while using chicken liver.

“Typically around this time, catfish are going to be located by Raccoon Point, but they have also been around the Half Moon Bay area, behind the island, and off Coot’s Landing. Anglers are using mackerel, anchovies and chicken liver for bait, as well as nightcrawlers,” advised Wong.

For rainbow trout, make sure to use bait that is bright and stinky to lure the fish in and if you’re going to be trolling, the best lures to use are Firetiger Rapalas, Kastmasters and Mirashads. Try adding on a flasher as well, he tipped.

“When they do start to pick up, chartreuse and rainbow Power Bait will be the best baits to catch trout. When trolling, make sure to let out about a hundred feet of line and let the motor do all the work,” he added.  

The park district is planting 500 to 750 pounds of rainbows every week in Chabot.


Shadow Cliffs

(Pleasanton) Anglers fishing Shadow Cliffs Reservoir are targeting rainbow trout, since the cold water temperatures have slowed the black bass and catfish bites down, according to Pete Alexander of the East Bay Regional Park District.

The district stocked 500 pounds of rainbows the week of January 14 and 750 pounds the week of January 21. The district will plant 500 pounds and the CDFW will stock 1000 pounds the week of January 28.

Bernado Aquilon from San Jose caught a large 9lb. trout using Power Bait. Devin Pyzer of Pleasanton caught two trout weighing 10 pounds, 1 ounce and 5 pounds off the second dock using yellow corn bait.    

Trent Swan of Brentwood caught his limit of trout while trolling with green Power Bait in his float tube near the Stanley shoreline.   

Clever Vasque of Tracy reeled in a 5 lb. trout off the second dock using nightcrawlers and Power Bait.   Tyler Gianatasio, who traveled from Mountain View, caught his limit of trout near the first dock.  His bait of choice was orange sunrise Power Bait.    


Del Valle

(Livermore) "This week the trout fishing has really picked up," reported Bob Stambaugh of the Rocky Mountain Recreation Company. "The water temperature is 50 degrees, and the lake has settled down quite a bit."

The park district planted 750 pounds of rainbows and the CDFW stocked 1,000 pounds the week of January 21. They will plant another 750 pounds the week of January 28.

Trolling and casting and retrieving seems to be the ticket for trout. "They are hitting Fire Tiger J5 Rapalas, buck tail Panther Martins, and Orange and silver Kastmasters," said Stambaugh. "People have also caught their limit of trout while using worm/egg combos, PowerBait and live worms."

"One angler caught his limit in one hour up by the Dam. Taking a boat up the lake seems to be the best way to catch them now. but two people on the East Beach reported bringing in some rainbows," he noted. 

Nick Ingram of San Jose caught a 5 lb. trout at the Narrows while using PowerBait. Ron Inouve of Fremont brought in a 4 lb. trout from the East Beach while using a Gold Kastmaster. 

Bob Hargrove of Livermore reeled his a limit of trout weighing 7 lbs. while fishing MIce Tails at the Dam. Miau Liu of Pleasant Hill caught a 4lb. trout from the East Beach on an orange and Silver Kastmaster.

Catfish and striper action remains tough, but should improve with warming weather. 


Quarry Lakes 

(Fremont) Trout fishing continues to be very good at Quarry Lakes this week. “The water is relatively clear and the trout are hitting,” said Pete Alexander.

The park district stocked 500 pounds of rainbows and the CDFW stocked 1,000 pounds of trout in Horseshoe Lake the week of January 15. The district planted 750 pounds the week of January 21 and will stock 500 pounds the week of January 21.

Anthony Vu of Hayward caught his limit of trout, including a 4.8-lb. trout and a 3.13-lb. trout, while using a nightcrawler on the Peninsula.  Anthony Tafolla of San Jose bagged has been regularly bagging his limit of rainbows while using a crappie jig and plastic worm in the Kiosk Cove.  

Joey Kaudy of Fremont nailed a 7.7-lb. trout on chartreuse Power Bait from Fishermen’s Row. Rocky Qualls of Sunnyvale landed a 7-lb. trout while fishing with bubble gum micetails on the backside of Horseshoe Lake.  

Roland Yalung of Hayward landed an 8.11-lb. trout while tossing out using nightcrawlers in the Kiosk Cove.  Gary Wong of Fremont reeled in his limit of trout up to 5.4 pounds while fishing lures in Kiosk Cove.  

Matt Agleham of Milpitas caught his limit of trout for a total weight of 15.10 lbs He was using rainbow Power Bait from the Old Boat Ramp.

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