The Fish Sniffer - Finesse Tactics Work Best For Calero Largemouths
Finesse Tactics Work Best For Calero Largemouths

Written By: Roland Aspiras, May 28, 2014
Species: Catfish Bass
Location: Calero Reservoir, Chesbro Reservoir, Anderson Reservoir,

Anglers continue to score big on black bass, while others chase catfish and crappie in the Silicon Valley.

The top bet for anglers this week was Calero, where finesse tactics worked well for largemouth bass, according to Andrew Veh at Coyote Bait and Tackle.

"Try throwing some finesse worms on a drop shot or a darter head. Small swimbaits like the small Keitechs on a darter head worked really good for us last week," he tipped.

"At Anderson they're pretty much doing the same thing, but there's some good numbers out there. Some guys are picking up 20 fish a day. A lot of them are small, but it’s definitely a lot of fun."

Anglers in search of crappie were being sent to Chesbro, where Veh recommended floating jigs and minnows four to five feet under a bobber.

Catfish continued to pique the interest of anglers, but the fishing has been slow. "We only had one report of a catfish this week that came out of Uvas. It was over 15 pounds, but that was the only fish we weighed recently,” said Veh.

Cut baits, such as mackerel and sardines work well for the whiskerfish, in addition to chicken liver, night crawlers and processed dough baits.




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