The Fish Sniffer - Fish Sniffer Readers Enjoy Exciting Duck Hunt With CICC Outdoor Adventures
Fish Sniffer Readers Enjoy Exciting Duck Hunt With CICC Outdoor Adventures

Written By: Cal Kellogg, January 24, 2014
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Fish Sniffer Readers Enjoy Exciting Duck Hunt With CICC Outdoor Adventures

Casey Stafford is one of the most accomplished guides in the Golden State. From red hot river striper fishing in the spring, to blistering salmon action during the summer and fall to waterfowl hunting during the winter months, Casey and the CICC Outdoor Adventures team does it all.

On December 13, several Fish Sniffer supporters, the Fish Sniffer’s own Danny Lloyd and I teamed up with the Outdoor Adventures team for an exciting morning of duck and pheasant hunting.

With over 60 seasonal blinds in his inventory on over 7,000 flooded acres of rice, Casey has a well deserved reputation for delivering a top notch waterfowling experience, so I was full of anticipation as the days ticked down to our hunt.

The plan was for everyone to meet at the Colusa Casino before dawn. From there we’d head out to our assigned blinds, spend the morning hunting and then return to the Casino for fully hosted lunch.

Some folks like Danny and I opted to drive to Colusa on the morning of the event, while others opted to spend the night at the casino. The casino hosts CICC Outdoor Adventures hunters for a special rate of $79 per night. With great food and gaming fun at every turn, I think the next time I hunt with Casey I’ll be booking a room!

And now the hunting… When it comes to real estate they say it’s all about location, location, location. Well I don’t know too much about real estate, but in hunting we have a saying of our own, hunting is all about the conditions. Often times no matter how good your hunting spot is, you’re just not going to have great luck if the conditions don’t cooperate.

For really good duck hunting you usually need stormy weather, wind or both. On December 13 we had neither. Dawn broke clear with zero wind. With “blue bird” conditions like that ducks tend to stay put and offer few opportunities and that’s just the sort of action we encountered. Most of the ducks we saw were flying high and fast, but we did get a few opportunities and a sampling of ducks hit the water.

When the action slowed to a crawl in our blind, Casey suggested that we try walking up a few pheasants. We got some birds up, but they proved to be too elusive for us to hit, although in one of Casey’s fields we did manage to smoke a very large coyote…Pheasant killer down!

Around noon we called it a day and headed back to the casino for an outstanding three-course lunch. Everyone that attended the hunt got $25 in free gaming and we all got gift cards to Kittle’s Outdoors in Colusa!

With the exception of the weather, the CICC Outdoor Adventures Fish Sniffer duck hunt was a great success. The property, blinds and equipment were everything I expected and I can’t wait to get out with Casey again really soon.

As an aside I feel compelled to mention (brag!) that while the weather had a negative effect on the hunting, it seemed to have the opposite effect on the casino’s slot machines, as Danny and I ended up winning about $800 between us…Just another day in the office for Team Fish Sniffer!

If you’d like to learn more about the outdoor adventures CICC Outdoor Adventures offers, give them a call at (530) 458-8730 or visit them online at

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