The Fish Sniffer - Fishermen Are Working For Their Steelhead
Fishermen Are Working For Their Steelhead

Written By: Dan Bacher, December 5, 2013
Species: Steelhead Trout
Location: Trinity River, Trinity Lake,

Cold water and air temperatures and continuing low, clear water conditions are making for challenging steelhead fishing conditions on the Trinity River.

“We’re working hard for our fish,” said Steve Huber of Steve Huber’s Guide Service. “The air temperatures has been in the upper twenties early in the morning and will go down to 20 degrees tonight. We’re landing anywhere from 1 to 4 fish per trip.”

His latest drift boat adventure on Saturday, November 23 yielded two hatchery steelhead in the 5 to 6 lb. range and one German brown for his clients. Huber was fishing roe and hot shots in the Lewiston area.

“The water is clear and thin,” said Tim Brady of Trinity Outdoors. “One guy will come in and say he is hooking 5 to 6 steelhead per day and another angler will come in and say he didn’t hook or even seen any fish. The fly fishermen using size #12 and #14 bird’s nest patterns are hooking the most fish, but getting them in is another thing.”

Brady recommends fishing the stretch from Junction City to Del Loma, but the steelies are spread throughout he system now.

Virtually nobody is fishing the low waters of Trinity Lake, but Lewiston Lake is another story. “Fishermen are catching lots of rainbows, ranging from 10 inch planters to 6 pound holdovers, while fishing from shore and boat,” said Brady. “Everything, including PowerBait, Kastmasters and flies, is working.”

Trinity Lake is holding 1,215,802 acre-feet of water, 50 percent of capacity and 76 percent of the 10-year-average. Releases into the Trinity River below Lewiston Dam are 310 cfs.


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