The Fish Sniffer - Fishing Great, Crowds Very Light
Fishing Great, Crowds Very Light

Written By: Cal Kellogg, January 3, 2014
Species: Crabs Lingcod Rockfish
Location: San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate,

On the up side fishing for crabs, rockfish and lingcod is very good beyond the Golden Gate. On the down side, with all the holiday hustle and bustle very few anglers have the time or desire to hit the water. For those that do, limits and near limits were the rule as the groundfish season approached its end on December 31.

Both the California Dawn and Happy Hooker out of the Berkeley Marina have been running rockfish/crab combo trips along the Marin Coast with a high level of success. The Emeryville Sportfishing Center has been sending boats to the Farallons with good results.

The rockfish bite is variable daily. Some days they are biting well and easy limits are the result. Other times they are finicky and you’ve got to experiment a bit to determine what the rockfish want.

Lingcod are falling for large live and dead baits mooched just off the bottom. Bar and swimbaits work too, but not as well as natural bait.

Crabbing has become more challenging now that commercial crabbers have been working the North and South Bars pretty hard, but there are still plenty of keepers around for the sport guys, especially if you take the time to get away from the bulk of the pressure.

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