The Fish Sniffer - Folsom Trout And Salmon On Fire
Folsom Trout And Salmon On Fire

Written By: Danny Lloyd, June 10, 2014
Species: Landlocked Salmon Trout
Location: Folsom Lake,

Trout and landlocked king salmon fishing continues to be some of the best fishing the lake has seen in months maybe years.

Fish Sniffer's editor Cal Kellogg and Paul Kneeland fished with local guide James Netzel of Fishin' Jame's Guide Service on May 28 and had one of those days you can only dream about on local lakes. They hit the water early launching at 6 am from Granite Bay launch in Granite Bay, Ca.

They made a short run up the north fork towards Rattlesnake Bar and started trolling Speedy Shiners 40 feet deep, Needlefish 20 feet deep and top lined Rapalas and Needlefish on lead core from 250-300 feet behind the boat.

"The first fish came at 20 feet deep on Needlefish," reported Netzel. "Not long after we started getting bits on all rods and lures and it wasn't more than 10 to 15 minutes in-between fish."   

Cal reported, "we caught nearly 25 fish throughout the day with a very nice king towards the end measuring about 20 inches. If we went 15 minutes without a fish something seemed off! It was just one of those days you dream about!"

Fishing in the past months on Folsom has been very good considering the water fluctuation earlier this year. In my opinion, James Netzel is one of the best guides for this lake.  Be sure to check him out on Facebook and feel free to give Captain James Netzel and Fishin' James Guide Service a call @ 916-284-3089.

Bass fishermen throughout the lake have seen some good fishing these past few weeks, as the weather has been unusually warm. Local fisherman Craig Andri and caught and released over 15 fish to 3 pounds on his latest trip. "The hot lure for me was my white Roboworm drop shotted on a Shimano Crucial medium light action rod with P-Line 6 pound CX line," reported Andri. 

Folsom is dropping and is now at  57 percent of capacity and 68 percent of the 10 year average. 


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