The Fish Sniffer - Freezing Temperatures Can’t Slow Down Hot Shoreline Bite
Freezing Temperatures Can’t Slow Down Hot Shoreline Bite

Written By: David Hurley, December 23, 2013
Species: Trout
Location: Pyramid Lake,

Despite the freezing temperatures, the shoreline bite remains hot for big Lahontan cutthroat trout since the baitfish are still close to the bank areas with deep water access.

The introduction of the Pilot Peak strain of Lahontan cutthroat trout has resulted in the ‘best fall fishing in memory’ with anglers routinely scoring trout in excess of 10 pounds with some fish exceeding 20 pounds. The majority of huge fish have been the Pilot Peak strain.

Lindsey Jordan of Crosby’s Lodge said, “Peter Thompson continues his assault on big trout with fish at 18 pounds/4/8 ounces, 15 pounds/7.2 ounces,14 pounds/3.2 ounces, 11 pounds/1.6 ounces and 10 pounds/8 ounces on separate trips since November 30 using Wooly Buggers at the Nets.”

The largest fish of the season to date at 21 pounds/4.3 ounces was taken by James Trinkeller at Spider Point while Corey Cascl beached a Lahontan at 17 pounds/6.4 ounces on a black fly at Wino Beach.

Rob Anderson of Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing caught and released an estimated 24-pounder on a #12 black Maholo Nymph at the end of an Umpqua Feather Members breakaway leader.

He reported, “All manner of techniques are working including shooting head setups with Midnight Cowboys, Bloody Marys, and Olive Martinis while dropper flies such as white Wooly Buggers or chartreuse Loco Beetles are also effective. Nymphs in blacks or whites are also producing”

For trollers, Joe Mendes of Eagle Eye Charters out of Crosby’s Lodge said, “We haven’t been out for the past few days since the weather became so cold, but Captain John Oppio on the Eagle Eye II put his client onto a 20-pound/8-ounce cutthroat, and we landed a 12-pound/4-ouncer on the same trolling. Both fish were taken on U20 Flatfish in Bloody Frog.”

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