The Fish Sniffer - Fussy Cutthroat Delight and Frustrate Anglers
Fussy Cutthroat Delight and Frustrate Anglers

Written By: Mike McNeilly, April 30, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Pyramid Lake,

Late April and early May marks the end of the spring cutthroat spawn at Pyramid Lake. As the spring’s spawning window closes, the productivity of bank bound anglers will also decline.

As of late, fishing has been hit and miss with some days offering wide open action followed by anglers collectively scratching their heads the next day. This isn’t uncommon for mid spring at Pyramid Lake. By this time of year, a lot of fish have moved up the tribe’s spawn channel at Sutcliffe and already finished spawning.

Regardless, there are still some good days to be had by fly fishermen in particular. When cutthroat are concentrated and actively jaunting through the shallows, suspending flies like Copper Johns, Prince Nymphs, and “Pyra-Midges” under a bobber will draw strikes from fish that are otherwise uninterested in feeding.

Local Pyramid Lake legend, Jeff Morris, has over 100 ten pound plus Cutthroat Trout to his name as of this writing. However, April has been a real Twilight Zone month for Morris; including some remarkable catches. For example, in a recent conversation Morris let slip that he landed his first cutthroat over ten pounds on a spoon; a Kastmaster to be exact. He also landed a 15lb+ cutthroat on a “Pyra-Midge.”

Jeff often times tells people he is using a “Pyra-midge.” It’s kind of a joke amongst locals as the “Pyra-Midge” is kind of a generic term for any midge pattern. However, Morris rarely if ever uses “Pyra-Midges” favoring jigs and wooly buggers instead. So, when he finally caught a huge fish on a “Pyra-Midge” it had everybody shocked, baffled, and astounded in disbelief.

Expect the spring fly bite to rapidly deteriorate in May. Despite that, as one door closes another will soon open in the form of a much improved trolling bite. You still have time to get your picture on the wall with a huge trout at the famous Crosby’s Lodge.


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