The Fish Sniffer - Good Weather and Great Trout Fishing!
Good Weather and Great Trout Fishing!

Written By: Danny Lloyd, February 7, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Walker River- East, Pleasant Valley Reservoir,

The East Walker River has been running at 31 cfs as of January 22nd. The water is clear and the fishing for brown trout has been good.

"There have not been many reports as most of us don't fish the river at these lower water levels. Midday is probably the best as the fish are most active during that time of day this time of year." ( Recommended dries include extended body bwo, parachutes adams, stimulators, and royal wulff. Nymphers be sure and try copper johns, rs2, pheasant tails, flashback pheasant tails, wd40, and a variety of midges. Don't forget to throw streamers as well.

(Bishop) Pleasant Valley Reservoir fishing continues to be good as fish are more active throughout the day. "Fish are more active and fishing has improved. Bait guys are whacking them just off the bottom. That is where your fly needs to be as well if you're midging. Try some of Kent's and Mickey's red colored midges several inches off the bottom."(

(Bishop) Lower Owens River "With the DWP metering station broken again, you might check out the flows and see a wide range of reports from .7 cfs all the way to 3,267 cfs! Don't worry though, local fisherman reports it's really running approx. 70 cfs as of January 22th." ( "With no change in the weather pattern in sight, this would be our first choice for areas to fish. Stick to midge larva early in the morning with surface action starting around 11am daily. Small mayfly and midge emerers on top in the morning switching to large mayfly nymphs around noon for the best results."

Be sure to try visa dun pad, hatch matcher pad, extended body bwo, parachute adams, stimulators, royal wulff, and griffith gnat on the top. Nymphs to us include: zebra midge, micro mayfly, flashy wd40, medallion midge, birds nest, black bead birds nest, prince nymph, Hogan's S&M Nymph, flashback bwo, epoxy bwo wing case, hare's ear, flashy pheasant tail, and copper johns. Streamers include wounde sculpin, matuka, BH Carey Bugger, crystal bugger, BH pop's bugger, dead drift crawdad and perfection perch.


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