The Fish Sniffer - Halibut Bite During Small Tides
Halibut Bite During Small Tides

Written By: Dan Bacher, July 9, 2014
Species: Halibut Saltwater Stripers
Location: San Francisco Bay,

During the latest series of small tides favorable for halibut fishing, anglers found great action on the big flatfish and a few striped bass in San Francisco Bay.

“The Bass Tub had 10 halibut to 23 lbs and two bass to 13 lbs on our last live bait trip,” reported Captain Erik Anfinson. “We also lost 7 fish; there was a lot of action for our 17 anglers.”

Gordon Hough, captain of the Morning Star, also reported top-notch fishing during a “rare flat calm morning with bait in the tank and excellent tides.”

The anglers caught 11 halibut, one bass, six sand sharks, one rock crab and “two creepy lizard fish,” said Hough. They fooled the fish with live anchovies off Fort Mason, Alcatraz and near Southampton Shoal.

“We only made one drift in Raccoon Straits, and even though it looked fishy, a phone call from the Lovely Martha altered our plans,” said Hough. “The halibut were biting near Southampton Shoal. News of this bite spread like dysentery through a cruise ship.”

“By the time we arrived there were salmon boats, rock cod boats and every ‘Potluck’ boat west of the Pecos all competing for the same hotspot,” noted Hough. “There were a lot of shaker halibut and an occasional bass biting. By now there was also a lot of wind, and it was pretty sloppy. Still, we managed a couple more halibut in the box, a dozen or more shaker halibut and one handsome 7 pound bass.”




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