The Fish Sniffer - Heavy Blow Brings Much-Needed Upwelling To Coastal Waters
Heavy Blow Brings Much-Needed Upwelling To Coastal Waters

Written By: David Hurley, April 29, 2014
Species: Saltwater Salmon Rockfish Saltwater Stripers
Location: Half Moon Bay,

 Gale force winds off of the San Mateo County coastline brought dropping ocean temperatures and much-needed upwelling to the local waters, but the salmon still haven’t shown up in force , but a trickle of legal salmon has started as of press time.

Captain Bob Ingles on the Queen of Hearts out of Half Moon Bay Sport Fishing was able to locate a pair of keeper salmon on Saturday, April 19, and the Riptide, also out of their landing, brought home six salmon for 17 fishermen on the same date, releasing several more shakers in the process. Sherri Ingles said, “It definitely seems like fish are showing up off of our coastline.”  

Captain Tom Mattusch of the Huli Cat was able to make it out on Saturday, April 19 after five straight days of high winds kept boats off of the water, but they had to settle for 21 limits of Dungeness crab after losing the only legal salmon hooked to a sea lion with three other salmon being under the 24-inch minimum size. He said, “We were fishing 16 miles west of the harbor and 12 miles below the main Farallon Island,”

The good news was the improvement in the water conditions with the temperature dropping from 55 to 51 degrees with Mattusch reporting ‘nutrient-rich’ water in the top 50 to 100 feet of the surface.

Rockfishing below Pigeon Point, 18 miles south of the Pillar Point Harbor, starts on May 1st, bringing another alternative until the salmon arrive in numbers.

Further north in Pacifica, striped bass have arrived from Ocean Beach in San Francisco south to Half Moon Bay, and shore fishermen are scoring with metal spoons, top water lures, and hair raisers while sand crabs, pile worms, and blood worms have also been effective. 



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