The Fish Sniffer - Higher Flows Attract Steelhead, Shad
Higher Flows Attract Steelhead, Shad

Written By: Dan Bacher, June 9, 2014
Species: Shad Steelhead Stripers
Location: American River - Lower,

While most anglers are focusing on shad on the Lower American, higher flows of 2,000 cfs have apparently brought some bright steelhead into the system.

“One angler reported catching a couple of steelhead in the 6 lb. range while using Kastmasters and Little Cleos in the Howe Avenue area,” said Jimmy Perez at Broadway Bait, Rod & Gun.

Releases from Nimbus Dam into the American went from 1750 to 2000 cfs on May 28 for “Delta requirements,” said Randi Field, Bureau of Reclamation spokesperson.

Shad fishing has been hit and miss. “My brother, Ron, has been hooking 15 fish one day and 3 the next on trips to the Howe Avenue area,” reported Alan Fong at the Fisherman’s Warehouse. “He has been fly fishing with a variety of shad flies.”

Large stripers to 20 lbs. have been taken on top water lures or with live shad at the mouth of the American River in the evenings. “A former cashier at our store caught and released a 22 lb. shad while using a shad on a recent trip,” said Fong.



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