The Fish Sniffer - Hot Fishing at Don Pedro
Hot Fishing at Don Pedro

Written By: Gold Country Sport Fishing, April 22, 2014
Species: Kokanee Landlocked Salmon Trout
Location: Don Pedro Reservoir,

Hot Fishing at Don Pedro
Hot Fishing at Don Pedro Hot Fishing at Don Pedro
Hot Fishing at Don Pedro

April 16th three clients at Don Pedro boated 12 trout, two kokanee, a king salmon and a black bass, and the bass we threw back. The bite was just incredible as we had all this action by 10:30. Thursday four clients experienced a tougher bite at Don Pedro, but they still managed three limits of fish, two kokanee and the rest trout. Fridays five clients on board experienced a wide open bite and they ended the day with 23 trout and a nice King salmon and left one for the fish gods. Saturdays four clients at Don Pedro also had wide open action and had 20 fish by 11:30.  Call Monte Smith, Gold Country Sportfishing at 209-581-4734 to get in on the hot action

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