The Fish Sniffer - Hot Weather and Hot fishing at Don Pedo 6-9-2014
Hot Weather and Hot fishing at Don Pedo 6-9-2014

Written By: Gold Country Sport Fishing, June 10, 2014
Species: Kokanee Landlocked Salmon Trout
Location: Don Pedro Reservoir,

Hot Weather and Hot fishing at Don Pedo 6-9-2014

Four clients fishing with me at Don Pedro June the 9th found an early morning kokanee bite and a fairly cool breeze that soon dissapeared and turned into hot weather, as the bite seem to fading and not marking many fish I picked up and looked for more fish that did not pan out and was going head back to our original spot, but first mentioned to the guys if they would be interested in catching rainbows and they all agreed, so I soon converted evrything over and had one rod set getting ready to set the second and  the first rod was already bouncing with a fish on it and this would prove to be the ticket and the with in the next three hours they would land 14 qaulity rainbows two king salmon. The days final tally was 4 kokanee kept, two king salmon and 14 rainbows. A great day on the waters of Don Pedro. Call Monte Smith, Gold Country Sportfishing @209-581-4734

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