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I Love Disco

Written By: Forum Member: sollimes, March 21, 2014
Species: Stripers
Location: Sacramento River- Middle, Sacramento River- Delta,

I Love Disco
I Love Disco I Love Disco
I Love Disco

Sorry for the late report. Have to get everything ready for my little girl 11th birthday.
So I got text from my friend who lives in Disco " saw a few boils in front of my dock, they are here"
We arrived to Orwood around 4pm and headed to the flat that been good to us last fall. Water was stained but not too bad. The sun was still high and bright so we decided to do some sub surface plugging and wait for the sun to go behind Mt. Diablo for TW action.

We landed a few dinks and lost two nice fish the first hour. Things are looking good, so I decided to toss my spook and got a swirl then tail slap and then BAM! fish on. Nice little 6#
A few cast later Aaron landed a 8# on jerk bait. We landed a few more dinks on TW and jerk. Around 6pm TW bites was on, C&R several from 14" to 6# till dusk.Enjoy the pics and Yes it happened!! haha

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